Working towards balance


Almost to the end of the week.  I cannot wait for the weekend.  I am going to relax a bit and Honeybear and I need to have some me time.  I have to get Hubby’s car to Toyota to be serviced and check if it is on the Toyota recall list.  I do not think it is.  I hope not!

Honeybear seems to be back to his normal self again.  I think he was also missing his bestie who is back at school.  Hubby and I have been chatting about his long work hours, without us getting into any fights or unhappiness.  It is amazing how much you take in when you are not angry.  We forget we had lives and influences before we met each other.  In Hubby’s family, Dad working all the time and Mom taking care of the kids was normal.  There was no sharing of the raising of the children.

While Hubby does not leave it all to me, and does his share when he is home, he thinks it is OK for him to be at work all the time, because that was normal in his family.  I tried to explain how this does not work for me.  I need him as much as Honeybear does.  While he cannot reduce his working hours at this stage, he at least understands that taking on extra work is not an option at the moment.  He just needs to the work the hours he has to and nothing overtime.

While I am not naive enough to believe everything is magically solved, at least we can all work towards settling into a routine.  We were almost there when the overtime work cropped up.  I know I worked loads of overtime too, but that was before Honeybear was born, and I have changed jobs twice to find something that works for me and Honeybear too.  I was lucky enough to find that.  I think Hubby too needs to find his balance.

No one concentrates much on the working Dad, but they too have the guilt that they are not around enough and not doing things the right way… and if superwoman comes along, then Dad will take a step back and leave it to her.  Someone suggested one on one time for Papa and Honeybear, and I think this is a great idea.  So today I am kicking the both of them out of the house and I am going to kick back and read my book.


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  1. Get the balance right while Honeybear is small – when Zoe was small she wasn’t to fussed about her dad but these days I can actually see how she misses him when he works late or have to travel for work. It is so important that the child has a bond with both parents.

  2. Balance really is important … we struggle with it too. Hubby works very long hours during the week but at least he dedicates his weekends to family time and tries to spend as much time with the kiddies as he can.

    Hope HB and his dad enjoyed their man-to-man time together 🙂

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