Hairy terrors


Yesterday afternoon with Honeybear and I was the peaceful evening I thought it would be. We sat in the lounge and cuddled and played. He is better behaved when he has my full attention. It is not possible for me to do this every afternoon, but I think he enjoys these times as much as I do. The end of the evening was a bit of a disaster because on our way to bath, there was a huge hairy worm in the passage. Of course it reduced me to blubbering hysterical female. This is the second one in five days and I convinced myself they were breeding in our bedroom. Living off the water in our furry child’s food bowl.

I called hubby while standing at the front door. There was no way I could stay in our house with these things breeding everywhere. Completely irrational! He calmed me down and suggested we go to the mall and he would meet us there after work (which would have been 21h30). I was almost on my way out when my rational mind began to reassert itself. I left Honeybear on the couch and with a broom, and my heart in my mouth I managed to sweep the horrible thing out of the house. I was still convinced it was breeding in my bedroom. I called my Mom, to have someone else help me back to rationality. I tried not to be hysterical all over again on the phone with her (she is 600kms away so she cannot save me either). She convinced me it could not be living in the bedroom and must be crawling in through the window. I stuck Honeybear back on the couch and decided I had to close the windows. Crying, close to hysterical once again, I managed to close the windows.

Honeybear was falling asleep on the couch. I had to be brave for my child. I managed to strip off the bed linen, crying and terrified the whole time, that I was going to unearth the nest of hairy black worms. I established they were not in the bed, under the mattress or under the bed. I remade the bed, dressed a sleeping child and put him to bed in my bed. I was exhausted by this time, though not crazy anymore. Had a cup of tea in bed and fell asleep.

I still do not know where the worms came from, and I am still terrified.

I do not know why anything creepy crawly has the power to reduce me to a useless hysterical female without an ounce of brain activity!

Hariy Worm

The terror!


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  1. OMG, and you nearly left it there to have free run (haha) of your house ! Strange looking thing. I think Liam and I would’ve had a good old look and maybe a feel of it, but we’re strange that way

    • I was on my way to give the house to the creepy ting. Lol. I do not want Honeybear to be afraid too and it was funny how he would jump and scream afterward at any random thing.

  2. LOL, oh shame I totally get this. My mom used to put a bucket over the offending creepy crawley (anything from spiders to snakes) and then wait for my stepdad to come home and get rid of it. I think he used to hate coming home to see a bucket sitting upside down in a random spot, LOL.

    Glad you could get it out yourself, well done, it takes a lot to put aside your fears and do that.

  3. Shame man!!! Don’t feel too bad … I get this way with spiders and parktown prawns!! I have called hubby to my flat (when we were dating) to take care of a giant hairy spider … I have moved out of my bedroom with a tiny Sweetpea cos there was a parktown prawn there … I have called my FIL to take care of spiders in my bathroom (when hubby wasn’t around) …. etc etc 🙂

    It’s so irrational … and I know it’s irrational but I really can’t stop myself!

    Good for you for facing your fears and sorting it out yourself!!

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