The weekend


The birthday party for hubby was fantastic and it seemed everyone had fun. My nails are a little torn up with all the chopping and cooking and washing up, however, between hubby and I, we managed to cater the party ourselves.
Honeybear had loads of fun with all the other kids, not that they played together, just enjoyed running wild.
Sunday was a lazy day and I am sad the weekend is over. Now I am back to putting out fires, I did not start, however, it is part of the job.
Honeybear was a regular tantrum thrower this morning. I was up early and dressed and washing done, all very early so we could sleep in and I would have nothing competing for my attention. It did not work. He refused to co-operate with anything, which ended up with me just brushing his teeth and dressing him while he protested. Hubby could see it was not going well at all, so he dropped Honeybear off. He says it was screaming and tears at drop-off.
I am just so tired that the last few days have been a fight about everything! Some days we get it right, but these last few days is a bit of a nightmare. This afternoon we should be back to normal and no one will be crying or unhappy.
I have work to do so see you all soon.


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  1. It is always great to pull together an awesome party! Well done!

    I believe we need to let loose and have fun on the weekends, the weeks are too filled with responsibility. The joys of being a grown up I guess.

    With regards to Honeybear, I know it doesn’t help to say it is a phase, but really it is, it does get better (and then you move onto a new phase where something else is a problem)! What has helped us immensely the star chart/reward system. I list all our problem tasks such as brushing teeth, getting ready, bathing on time, sleeping in her bed at night, etc and every time Layla gets it right she gets a star. Once the star chart is full (we give her opportunities to make up for missed stars and we also take away stars if she has been very naughty) she gets given some money and we take her shopping and she gets to give her own money to the cashier, etc. She absolutely loves it, and now if I forget to brush her teeth she tells me, just so that she can get a star.

    Good luck with the week ahead! I hope that it is a smooth one!


    • I like the idea of the chart. I assumed Honeybear is too young to understand it. I try to negotiate, but sometimes I just want him to do what needs to be done, without so much crying and fighting. I think I will give the chart a try and see how it goes. Thank you.
      You too have a great week.

  2. Yay on a successful party. Nice to stand back and look at all your hard work.
    Sometimes I struggle with Liam as far as getting things done is concerned. DH says it’s because I nag. I’d like to know the difference between nagging and asking. When does asking become nagging?
    Have you chatted to the school as to why he might be crying when he goes? When Liam started school his principal said they usually take about 2 weeks to settle down. And it did. Now Liam walks in to school by himself while I get banished to the bakkie to watch him from there.
    Hugs for the day

    • I have spoken to the principal and the owner and the teacher’s assistant. It is something he started doing at the end of last year. He seems to be a child that takes a long time to adjust and get used to other adults. He is the type that refuses to look at strangers if they try to catch his attention, and he will scream if they try to touch. I think the people out there term it “stranger anxiety”. I am very sure the school is trying their best, my little one needs to get through separation and stranger anxiety. I often drop by the school at random odd times to make sure he is ok, and I have never seen anything to worry me.

  3. Glad the party went well.
    I also like the chart system we had for the older 2 and it was linked to their Friday tuck shop money maybe you can do something similar and age appropriate for him

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