This day must get going soon


Here I am writing this blog instead of finishing up my work. Today is not a good morning for me. Honeybear is also sick and feeling like he should be pampered a bit more. It was Papa’s early day today so we were on our own after a very rough night (I think that is a whole blog by itself).
We left home very late, good thing the schools are closed so we managed to get me to work on time.
Honeybear took his own sweet time to get to the bathroom, crying and protesting the whole time. I had to get him dressed and he was not happy with my choice of clothes, and this morning I was in no mood to pander to his whims. I just made him wear it resulting in more crying and protesting (I know it was stupid of me to force him). To make matters worse I still had laundry to hang up, all the while trying to get Honeybear to stop crying. I should have probabaly left the wet laundry and just gave my child a hug and some attention.
I just continued in my hard headed way and made him drink up his medicine (thankfully no protest there….lots of honey did the trick). We get to school and he has one of his crying days. I just hope things improve for him.
I have to give my little talk later today, in Afrikaans, and hopefully everyone will listen and understand I am trying to make sure no one gets killed on a site or cuts of a limb by incorrect use of equipment. I do not really feel like donning my saftey shoes (I am wearing sandals today which means I am supposed to stay in the office). I do not want to wear the ugly overalls eiter, but I cannot present a safety talk and stand there without the correct gear myself. Ugh!
I am just waiting for this day t end so I can go to bed. Supper will just have to take care of itself and Hubby had better not be late today….I am not sure I m going to survive. (OK I am being melodramatic)


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  1. And we all have days like that! Good luck with the rest of your day and bread with honey for supper is more than good enough!

    I hate those safety shoes – I just stand outside the workshop, stick my head in until somebody sees me and then I get them to call whomever I want to talk to.

  2. URGH the life of a working mommy… I live it too – toddler, pregnant, full-time working and doing all the housework/laundry myself… we sometimes have to spread ourselves way to thin to get around.
    Hope you have a much more pleasant day today – strongs! xx

  3. Shame man! Hope your day has improved ….
    When I don’t want to cook anything our household has to make do with toasted cheese sandwiches or baked beans on toast …

    Had a giggle at you talking about getting your safety gear on … was not that long ago that I spent all day every day in hideous overalls and safety boots and a hard hat 🙂 I still have to get kitted every now and then these days … but not nearly as much as before. Those things are VERY unflattering and the shoes are not very comfy …

  4. Sorry that you had such a crappy day, they are just a pain in the ass! I hope Honeybear is feeling better today and that you have a super day to make up for yesterday. xx

  5. Shame, I hear you. There are just so many things to do around the house the last thing you need is a crying kidlet. Poor Honeybear, I hope he feels better soon.
    Is there perhaps something at school that makes him cry about going?

  6. We all have these days and suffer the “mom guilt” when dealing with the kids in a hurry but it gets better once they are bigger,the attitudes just change not so many tears yet more shouting!

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