Must say I am feeling loads better this morning. Hubby and I had a short chat (because the long ones just go in circles). We have tried to work out a few things and leave some alone.

We sat down with and worked out the budget again. This has had two purposes:
• I have realised we are not living on the edge and we do have money to spare.
• Hubby has realised that we do have quite a few things we are committed to pay for.
• We have used Runnermom’s excellent idea to assign “pocket money”
So on the budget side, we are both happy. Things to do in the future:
• Get a more cost-effective bank account for hubby because his bank charges are ridiculous. Really Absa?
• Cancel hubby’s credit card and get him a cheque account to maintain his credit history (we will have to check out this one properly).
• I will not increase the limit on my credit card (do we really want potential trouble?)
• We have set up two other investment accounts
• Speak to our financial adviser soon to make sure we are on track.

We have decided to leave the issue of smoking alone for now. There is no way we can agree on this and I do understand that quitting is not easy. So we know it is a sore point for the both of us, but for now we have stuck a band-aid on it and left it alone.

We know we love each other. We are two very different people and we need to love those differences like we used to. We are not the young giddy in love couple we used to be, but this does not mean we love each other any less.

Our issues are not magically solved now. It is things we have to make a conscious effort on.


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  1. Always nice to find out things aren’t as bad as they seem. We budget so nicely with our money only to have it ripped out from under us by that wench of an ex-wife, blegh.
    DH and I have been with STD bank forever and they are very good to us.
    DH quit smoking completely this year, but he’d been smoking straws for the past year so he feels like he hasn’t given up much. Perhaps suggest that hubby move to a lighter brand?? As a non smoker I have no idea how hard it is to give up this habit.
    No increase on credit cards! I get so cross when Edgars tells me they’ve increased my credit limit. What for, I don’t spend the R8000 they’ve given me! Ridiculous, like they want you to get into debt
    Work together to stay together hey.
    Have a lekker day

    • I am with STD, but we thought we would have better home-loan options with being at two different banks (though ABSA offered the worst deal and STD bank lost our application). Lighter brand….I will suggest it, though I know nothing about cigarettes, except what turns up in the budget speech.
      I think you can set your cards to notify before increase. It is how it is at the bank. They have to call me and ask before increasing my limit.

  2. We have a super low limit on our credit card as it is mostly for petrol,it is a good idea to keep the balance to an amout you can pay off in 2months if you have to.
    Money can be a huge issue in any relationship and it is good to clear up any issues so well done on tackling this.
    Saving for retirement is an absolute necessity,try starting a retirement annuity as it is tax deductible,ask you financial advisor about this.

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