Parent Pressures


I sit here on a lovely warm afternoon.  Hubby is at work, Honeybear is sitting across from me watching Barney and I am sitting with my laptop.  I wonder to myself, does this make me a horrible mama?  I should be outside playing with him.  However, I am feeling a little tired and Honeybear did ask to watch Barney.

I feel so much pressure to be a superwoman, but I know I do not  have it in me to be that superwoman who gets it all right. Most times I feel like I am getting it wrong.

It is long weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to a bit of downtime.  I figure it will be OK to have Honeybear running around tomorrow.  He did have quite a bit of outside time already at school.

I was thinking about all those parents who do not use car-seats, or even seat belts. What are they thinking?  Our country has such a high rate of road fatalities, what are they thinking?  Do they not see the news, read the papers, the internet?   I just cannot see what reason someone would have to drive a car with a child who is not safely restrained.  I see it at Honeybear’s day-care every day.  I am going to sound like a snob here but I will say it anyway.

The kids at this day-care come from homes were the parents are well off, they have had the benefit of good education, they can afford cars and some get pretty fancy.  I would expect this part of society to have a bit more care because they actually know better.  They know what can happen and they still leave their kids to hang out windows and stand on seats while they drive.  I just cannot understand it one bit.

Let me get of my soapbox.

It is Monday morning now, and I did not post the above last week.  The weekend was a bit too busy for my liking, but there were things that had to be done.  It was one of my headache weekends (I get the most horrendous headaches sometimes).  Good thin g hubby was home to help out and make dinner.

I have finally convinced hubby that a birthday do for him, is a good idea.  It is no thing big or fancy, just your typical Pretoria braai.  (not the bring and braai kind, I hate those!).  I like this kind of thing, so I have a few ideas.

Let me be off to start my Monday (I will only end up posting this later so do not be confused)


This is my 100th post.  Whatever that is worth!


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  1. I am TOTALLY with you on the non-restrained kids!!! It bugs me to no end … I really can’t fathom what those parents are thinking … do they believe they are immune to road accidents?? That their fancy cars mean their kids won’t get hurt???? I wish they would use their heads a bit … I’ve heard the whole “but when we were little we didn’t wear seat belts etc and nothing happened” … well if nothing ever happened they wouldn’t have made it law that everyone in the car should be strapped in!!! I have numerous doctor friends who’ve told me horror stories of kids in crashes at the hospitals … I want to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen to my kids! No one can foresee an accident … they just happen … and I want my kiddies to be as safe as possible.

    I think as long as the kids aren’t spending ALL their time in front of the TV or computer that its OK to have TV and computer time. All about balance … I for one am guilty of using a movie or the tablet to keep the kids a little still and quiet so that I can have a little breather too. I think its OK … I hope its OK 🙂

    • I think it is OK nusha, because if we do not get a break, we will not be good caring Mom’s. It takes patience and you cannot be very patient when you are tired.

  2. When Liam and I go together he is always in a car seat. However most of the time we squeeze the 3 of us into DH’s Ranger bakkie and none of us are restrained. I hate this and keep telling DH that it’s not his driving abilities but rather everyone else that worry me. This is an ongoing battle in our house. DH has a work bakkie so most of the time we travel to and from work in that (we work together) while my car stays in the garage.
    I must try this wordpress thing

    • Helen, if I was braver I would run over and tell people the dangers, but I must admit there are the horror stories of road rage, so I do not. Just point out to him the concept of inertia when you are braking. Even a proper controlled braking pushes you forward…imagine that in an emergency situation. Also, I do not want to scare you, but go read Tracey Todd’s blog. You need to win your fight with DH.

  3. Ohhh don’t get me started on car seats and children standing in between the 2 front seats!

    Remember most of the pressure to be a superwoman comes from yourself, give yourself a break – just do the best you can do.

  4. We do the best job we can do! So if we take 30 minutes for yourself don’t feel guilty about it! You were sitting right there with your Honeybear, you did not leave him to his own devices!
    Urgh, the carseat thing is a pet hate of me… I just want to throttle them if they don’t have their children/babies in carseats… makes me incredibly mad… and sad.

  5. Your new blog looks great!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my post RE having a tough time with Mia, appreciate it!
    Gosh yes, also can’t believe my eyes when I see babies or kiddies that aren’t in car seats. People are very ignorant.

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