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So this is the first post of the new blog site.  I like the look of this one way better, and I guess I could have made more of an effort previously.

Honeybear is such a little shy thing (or is it stranger anxiety?)  He refused to take a photo at school.  They eventually had to employ all their methods of distraction and sand-pits and jungle-gyms to get a photo.  I must say I am impressed with the lengths they went to, to get the photo.  I can just see the photographer jumping around in the sand, under the jungle gym, trying to snap a photo.

Anyway, we will see what comes out.  They have previously taken beautiful photos, which is why I was a  little sad when they said he refused to take a photo (she had to come back a second day to take photos of the crying kids)

Hubby is still working hard and long hours and I love him so much.  He made us a lovely dinner last night.  He “hid” his car so I would not know he was home, until I walked up to the front door.  It was such a lovely surprise to have him home early.  I do not think his boss understands family (he does have one too).

I even had nightmares about the boss last night.

Honeybear, at 2. 5 years old, is finally off all bottles and dummies and he is fully day time potty trained, even when we are out.  We still use a night time nappy, but I am not ready yet.  He does not like the nappy and wakes dry every morning, but he does end up in our bed during the night, and I do not want to be doing king-size bed linen laundry more often than I normally do.  His single bed is fine, but not ours.  We are geared with the mattress protectors, but still there are blankets and pillows.

This weekend we are going to relax and enjoy the (hopefully) warm weather.

Enjoy and take care!


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  1. Welcome welcome 🙂 I love the new site and am now following you 🙂
    Awww … cute shy little HB! 🙂

    Well done on HB being such a big boy at 2.5!! Sweetpea is over 2.5 already and while she is fully potty trained on pee (except at night) … she refuses to poo in the loo or potty!! But we aren’t rushing … just taking it easy and will let her come along at her own pace.

    Also really hoping the weather stays nice and warm for the long weekend. Have a great one 🙂

    • Thank you Nusha 🙂 I was surprised with the potty training myself, and we took a very laid back approach. We had him sorted with the poo first and the pee took longer. Different kids hey?

  2. Now here is a familiar name – yay welcome to WordPress! So glad to have another fellow blogger joining 🙂

    Well done at Honeybear for being such a big boy, no more daytime nappies, bottles etc! They do grow up way to fast!!

  3. Congrats on 100th post all milestones are cool.
    Welcome to the new site looks good,glad you found me again.
    Always amazing just how quickly we feel guilty as Moms about taking some down time for ourselves.

  4. Hello there, just dropping by and catching up a bit.
    How did hubby “hide” the car???
    Yay on HB being potty-trained at 2.5. Liam still has accidents at night. Admittadly I don’t pick him up and take him to the loo during the night. 35kg of dead weight is just too much at 2am. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn’t. Then I just pop him in our bed and he goes off to sleep again. Once he’s weed in his bed he doesn’t wee again so I won’t have queen-sized laundry to do, haha, only singles

    • Hello Helen, thanks for dropping by. This wordpress blog is a bit easier because I get all my notifications. We live in a security estate so there is quite a bit of visitors parking. Instead of parking in our spot, hubby parked in visitor parking away from the house.
      HB still wears night nappies and that is going to stay for a while yet. I must credit some of the potty training to the day care, I started last September and we became a little more serious over December and January he was at school, and they do make an effort if they see your child is ready.

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