Weekend update


Another rainy weekend, well at least we had some sun, so I cannot complain too much. It was nice having Hubby home. We had a fight about his work. We have exactly 4 days in a month when Hubby is home all day, and often we have to do chores that I cannot do alone. The rest of the work days, he is only home at about 22h00 at night every second night, so I am very, very possessive over the weekends we get together.
His boss is completely nuts. Instead of just looking at an email or a file or asking the people who are scheduled to work, he calls hubby. We are not talking just one call, we care talking about 5 calls and messages an hour. I had enough. I asked hubby if he needs to go to work. He said no, so I said please just turn the phone off, because I am tired of the interruptions. And then he does it again, then I was angry. I know it is not very constructive, and I know Hubby feels pressure from work, but sometimes it is just too much. For me it is plain disrespect.
We were planning a 10 day break in April, with the public holidays, guess who has to cancel, and this was planned last year already. Hubby has more than enough leave, but he is not allowed to take it, even with a 5 month notice. So yes, sometimes, I get angry about it. I try really hard to understand, but when you have someone calling so often, with silly questions, and sometimes just comments, I want to scream. Hubby is also irritated by the whole thing, but it his work and he feels like he must put up with some nonsense.
Honeybear is a sweet and very naughty at the same time. Sometimes I just do not know what to do. I hate shouting at him, so I try not to, but then he seems to escalate into complete craziness. We have stopped all bottles completely now…and the next step is the dummy. His dependency on the dummy seems to be more of a habit these days. If I tell him it is lost, he usually accepts it. I think Hubby and I need to get onto the same page about the dummy. Hubby just sticks it into his mouth whenever he is screaming. I feel we must find out why he is screaming and try to sort it out. I know how Hubby feels, and sometimes it is just easier, hence I keep them out of reach of myself and Honeybear except at night time, and then I sometimes hide it under the pillow and tell Honeybear it is lost. Hey I am trying to break the dependency gently, over time and let him get used to the idea…and get hubby and I used to the idea too.
I stopped breast-feeding Honeybear in September 2012. I still get breast milk. I know the clinic sister said it will stop eventually, but when? Honeybear gets upset or is crying and I feel that milk come in. It is not pouring out, but it does get a little uncomfortable sometimes…that feeling of fullness and you have the desire just to breast feed. I hope it goes away. I gave breast feeding my all, I think this is unfair.


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  1. Sounds like hubby’s boss has found himself a mat to walk all over. I don’t think you should cancel your holiday plans. Hubby should just stand up for himself, and not in a mean, arrogant way. He should just state his case and say that he can’t cancel the holiday. I’m sure you’ll find that once hubby stands up for himself (and his family) the boss will be less likely to call on him so often. I know what I’m talking about. My DH was the same, until he starting standing up for himself. As an employee you have rights.
    You do get tablets that dry up the milk? Have you tried them? I can’t talk from experience here. Distraction usually sorts out temper tantrums with Liam.
    Good luck

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