P24 content, minions and me


Well the minion is progressing very nicely….I am pleasantly surprised. It just needs some feet and then we are good. Honeybear already recognises the thing as a minion so it cannot be too bad. Hubby just smiles.
Honeybear is back to crying, but I can see it is just that token crying (if you know what I mean). So I am not in tears.
It has been raining quite a bit in Pretoria, and other surrounding bits. I am very sure some place is going to flood, because I see out grass is already waterlogged and you need to wear galoshes to get through, ok I am exaggerating a bit. I was walking to the car this morning, in a very nice rain jacket over jersey, and boots and jeans…it occurred to me how very lucky I am. I have decent clothes to wear in this weather and I am walking to a car. My own car so I am not standing waiting for a bus or taxi, or walking. Life really sucks for some people. It is good to try to get some perspective on your life.
I would have stopped to give lifts to some people, but I knew hubby was driving behind me this morning (we even own 2 cars)…….yes I know it could be bad, but sometimes, there are those people that just tug on your heart strings…hubby juts does not understand.
There was a video on Parent24 about the baby that would not let go of mom after the c-section…..the title was something about the new-born shocking the medical staff…..Parent24 is beginning to worry me. Some of those article titles are really of. I know that it is about catching attention and making you want to read the article but you know, we are parents and we come read the site for useful articles. I find that the content is becoming a little farfetched. Sorry Parent24 people, I am just saying it like I see it, it is just an opinion and could be totally off factually . The video could have been paired with a realistic article about how babies have an instinct for Mom in the first hour after birth ( it is strongest at this time). If placed on Mom’s chest, they will even try to move up to suckle. It is natural and common, so I do not see how medical staff of all people, would be shocked to see this happen.
Also the site content is far too many videos, instead of useful parenting articles. Yes, a few cute things are cool, but when that becomes the major content, then I might as well go trawl you-tube myself.
Anyway, enough bashing, I am just hoping it gets better. I still come and read what you have put up. I do really like your Pinterest page.
Hubby’s parents are worrying me again, we have to see them at some stage. Even if they never come to us. It is just such a major issue for us to visit. We have to drive because there is not airport near them. So it is 4 days of driving and we have to buy everything we are going to eat or use, because they cannot afford to host 3 extra people for a week. So the trip just gets more and more irritating for me. It would be easier just to give them money to fly to us and petrol money to get to the airport…..again, do I really want to pay that much to have MIL come harass me in my house? Hubby cannot be bothered one way or the other if we see them, but they are family and we should do it. Hubby even just reduced his leave because he says why should we have them very, it is too expensive. This is not good….everyone is supposed to pine for their parents. I would go see my parents more often if I had loads more money. I see them multiple times a year, hubbies parents we have not seen in 18months. Ah well, I am not likely to force the issue with Hubby.
Talking of Hubby, things are going really well between us. Telling myself I am responsible for my own happiness…..in my head, makes me a better person to live with. I get less upset with Honeybear too.
Trying to wrack my brain to get out of the play date for this week. Nothing yet…..I am open to ideas….I do not want to lie, so I have to find a plausible reason.


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  1. Can’t wait to see your little Minion.
    I hear you on the P24 articles. Some are just a little off. It’s bad enough reading all that bad news on the internet.
    My hubby also isn’t bothered whether he sees his folks or not. But I think that’s because each visit ends in a argument coz his Dad is so stubborn and his mom just carries on and on and on, and on, about her BBM and Whatsapp. I do make sure that we drive through to Uitenhage 1 every 2 weeks to see my Dad and bro. The alternate week I go see my Mum. I’m lucky that we all live quite close too each other.
    Waiting for the rain. We had a little splatter a few days ago, just enough to make the grass green and soft under your feet. As opposed to brown and crunchy 🙂
    I would also like to pick up some lost soles, but then you don’t know what you’ll get. They could be a phsyco. Nowadays you just can’t trust anyone.
    About the playdate – Don’t you have to shop, doesn’t Honeybear have a bit of a runny nose? Something, anything. Or, if you are brave enough, just say it isn’t working for you and you need to explore other options? Good luck, toughie
    Have a lekker day.

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