My little one has not cried again today…I think it has been 3 days and we have managed to get him to stop crying. It is such a  relief. The cookies and chatting and promises of the things we are going to do at home after school seem to really be working.  I want to jump for joy I am so happy….and the headaches have reduced a bit…tension and stress maybe?  I am planning a nice quiet weekend for Honeybear and I.  This is hubby’s working weekend so Honeybear will basically only see him on Monday afternoon again….or in the middle of the night.  I know people think it is odd, but we have made it work now.  I have made my peace with the long working hours.  Hubby is a lot more attentive when he is home.  I also do not try to be super woman anymore.  If I am tired, I just go to bed.  I do not stay up every night to see him…again it sounds weird to some people, however, it is better for me just to sleep, instead of being tired and crabby.  I hear hubby come in, I get out of bed to give him a kiss and then go right back to sleep.

Hubby is not offended, and I am less crabby.  We make the hours count when we are together.

What do you do when you have ended up with  a regular playdate you actually do not want?  The child is a bit older and rougher and frankly I find the child a terror.  It is enough dealing with my own child, then I have to deal with another child in my house.  The Mom is ok.  However, she is one of those mom’s who feels free to criticise the way in which I do things.  My house is not good enough, my car is not good enough, I feed my child non-organic and I let him play with a ball in the house.  I wonder what else is not good enough.  Why does she want to come over all the time if we are not good enough, is it to make her feel better about herself?  I am happy with how I raise my child and he is healthy and I do not believe in the organic bandwagon.

The problem is how to get out of these playdates?  I feel forced and it is always at my house.  It is not fair because I am the one left cleaning up after and I am the one that must provide all the appropriate food and it also turns into dinner, when it as just supposed to be tea.  Also, Honeybear always ends up with a few broken toys after.  This is not cool.  I have managed to wriggle out this weekend but I know it will come again, it is not over.

I do not want to lie and make up excuses, but I do not want to do it anymore.  Ugh! Sometimes I just want a quiet weekend.  I like having time to myself. This weekend I have a plan….I am going to make a minion for Honeybear.  He loves Despicable Me movies and I know he will love to have a minion.  We could not find any minion toys at the toy shop and I imagine they would be very expensive.  I need to pay R6000 for my registrations so I actually should not to spend money on things he does not need.  I already have yellow wool and blue wool so it should be easy enough to do, and it will be nice for him to love a toy mama made.  I know I am not superwoman, but sometimes I want to be….and I have these mad tendencies to make a minion instead of buying it.  If it turns out well, I might post a picture.  I am excited, and I think I will start it tonight.


I also have this great pressie for his third birthday (in September)….I am not sure I can wait unitl September.  I know this is really doable and I can easily make this.

It will be the boy version.

Everyone have a great weekend!  Laugh lots and love even more.

Am I superwoman?


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  1. OOOh I LOVE that tent. It’s super cute and kids always love tents and things so I’m sure HB will love it!
    Great that you guys have found a groove that works for you … that’s really all that is important … who cares what other people say/think about it …

    Wow … I don’t think I would like a standing weekly playdate … I am not always in the mood to entertain or chat to people play hostess. Hope you manage to get out of that arrangement!
    My kids haven’t developed a love for the minions yet … but I certainly think they are adorable 🙂 I am sure there must be a pattern for knitting a minion out there that Google can find for you 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

    • Thank Nusha. I am excited about the tent too. The minion is almost complete Just needs the goggles and eyes. I crochet and there are really great easy patterns out there.

  2. Every family is different. Just do what works for you, that’s what I say. Bugger those that don’t agree, they’ve got their own secrets they aren’t telling you.
    Yay on not having a crying baby. Super news, again, do what works for you & Honeybear.
    Go to sleep, get that rest, be with your child.
    Tough one on the playdates, I know exactly what you mean. We find ourselves lumped with the neighbours 3 kids each weekend. It’s tiring. Stopping the fights, cooking for 3 extra mouths that don’t eat what you eat. Finding broken toys, picking up broken toys. We have to sneak into our own house. I think just keep on saying that you and HB are enjoying time alone. Don’t feel bad, the other mom will get the hint soon enuff. I hope. Don’t feel obliged to entertain anyone. Listen to me, someone who can’t say no. If their feelings are hurt, then they are selfish and blind to your needs.
    DH bought a minion for Liam at the traffic lights the other day. R100 but it’s the cutest! Can’t wait to see your knitted version, going to be fab!
    LOL on the tent. DH is trying to convince me that camping is a good idea. NOT, at least for me anyway. I like my luxuries
    Have a good weekend MC, lots of love & hugs coming your way

    • I feel better…you have three extra kids (and they have some whacked sounding views?). I must keep an eye out at the traffic light because the shops do not seem to have them. Unless I am just not looking hard enough. Camping is not too bad, if you go to a decent place with the right equipment. We went to this nice place that has electricity and lighting and we had a decent tent and mattress, it was not bad at all. Give it a try.
      Lol, however the tent I have in mind is for purely indoor camping.

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