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Hello Bloggies,

I actually wrote a post I was meant to post this morning, but it seems to have disappeared (I obviously did something to it).  I have started  new job which is going really well.  After a month in the previous job, I could see it was not working out.  I worked there 6 months and I now have a new job, I am really enjoying it.

I work a shorter day (for the same salary!).  No rushing about trying to get through traffic.  Honeybear and I are happier, and there is less shouting on my part.  We even have time to cuddle in the morning.  Imagine that!  It has never been an option.  Hubby, the poor man, is still working himself to the bone.  I hope the results start showing soon.  I do not like his long hours, and I miss him terribly.  I worry about him driving home late at night, I cannot sleep the days he is working late.  I am trying really hard to accept it, and we do fight about his hours every so often.  He does try to make up the time he misses, but it does not really work.  I know he has to do this, but sometimes, it is just too much. I will find my peace with it eventually, however, right now I am still working on it.

Honeybear is growing fast.  The talking is improving at a daily rate.  Potty training is not perfect, but well established.  So I do see a future, sans nappies soon.  I am so looking forward to life without poo nappies…..

This does mean I have to have cloths and detergent in a spray bottle to clean up the accidents.  There are fewer accidents and hope is in sight. The crying in the morning is not totally gone yet.  Bribery is working.  This morning there was only a few seconds of hanging onto my leg, before he went to the teacher’s assistant.  I love her!  Honeybear too will make his peace with Mama working eventually.  The holidays make him think I should be home all the time.  Poor child! It is just not an option in our household.

Other than that things are pretty much the same as it has always been.  I have been writing this post all day, and I guess I do not have too much more to say.


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  1. Yay on the new job and that you are actually enjoying it is a bonus. Shorter hours for the same money too. Excellent. You really fell with your bum in the butter, haha.
    Poor hubby, they work so hard for us, but it’s not nice to have them away from home.
    Haha, yes, sans poo nappies, but even and 4 I sometime get poo pants when Liam doesn’t get to the loo on time 🙂 We just have to work on losing the night nappy now. Don’t know how I”m going to do this. I don’t like to tell Liam that he can’t have anything to drink if he says he is thirsty. Heck man, I get up to go to the loo like 4 times each night.
    Excellent on Honeybear settling in at school. Having a great teacher really makes a difference. L loves his teacher from last year but I don’t think he is too keen on this years teachers. They are more strict, which makes sense. All part growing up.
    PS about those squiggles on my blog – I get those when I type it in Word and then copy and paste to P24. This mornings blog was short so I typed it straight onto P24. Ag well, I still don’t get replies when I comment on other peoples blogs but what can you do.
    Keep well MC

  2. Wow … well done on the new job! It really is wonderful about the fewer hours for the same salary. I keep asking for fewer hours here but they keep denying me. But they seem to be OK with me using my leave to cover my hours … I am usually short of hours every month because I really feel like I need to get home and spend time with the kids. So every month I put in leave for the hours I am short … luckily we get a fair amount of leave … but at some point I am going to run out. If we can just pay off our house I would have the option of staying home for a while … but paying off our house is a HUGE ask and it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    So glad HB is settling at school … it’s awful to leave them when they are upset and crying.

    YAY for soon-to-be nappy-less HB! 🙂 I hope he gets the hang of it soon …

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