Life is moving so fast.  I get a new job, hubby gets a promotion, and less than 2 months later, hubby has another promotion and I am looking for a new job, again.  One of us needs to be near Honeybear during the day, and we have no one he can stay with for an hour until I get home.  It is stressing me to no end (and hubby too), that it is just the three of us.  We have no one else to turn to.  I mean that all our family live in other provinces, so if we are having a crisis, it is just us.

I am really happy for hubby, and proud of him, though I do not look forward to his long hours, or what are we going to do with Honeybear, twice a week, when we are both working late.  I just do not know.  I am trying to believe that a solution will present itself.

I know you might be thinking aupair? We just do not have the money to afford an aupair and daycare.

I will continue to believe. I will continue to believe it will all work out.  I feel a little like an ostrich, but I do not know what to do.

I really do not want Honeybear to be with strangers all the time.

I did have a promising job interview, and I really really really want this job.  It is a great office and it will solve our childcare issues too.  I really want that job.  It has so much I could learn and grow.  My current job, while not bad, is worrying.  Ok it is bad.  I cannot see myself here long term, and I cannot wait to leave.  It is not bad in the sense that it is the work or the people, it feels bad, if that makes sense to anyone.  There are too many small things wrong which just makes me worry.

Honeybear is doing really well.  He is shy but he does love being with other children, and he loves running crazily all over the place.  He and I having more of a love relationship these days (might be because I am home 3 times a week to fetch him from school).  He loves to cuddle with Mama and he sleeps up against me.

Potty training (our way) is progressing well.  He does his poo in the toilet….yipee!!!!!….yes I am concerned with poo, like all parents. I am always thankful with fewer poo nappies to clean up.

Honeybear is still speaking his English-Afrikaans mix, and for now it is still fine.  Discipline is not bad, but I am not sure how to deal with naugtiness when we are out.  At home there are clear boundaries and if he continues to do something we do not want him to do, then it is his room for a time-out.  When we are out, there is no room, and sometimes, when visiting someone’s house, it is difficut when they have all these kniknaks out for him to touch and break.  We do not have such things, and I do not have to scold him about it.  I feel I cannot blame him because he is a child and the temptation to touch things is too much.  I would just move it away so he cannot get it in the first place.  What do you do?  I do not hit and timeouts do not work, because there is no room for him to go to.  The corner does not work, because in someone else’s house, or out shopping, what do we do.  Sometimes, I just take him and leave, even if I am not done shopping, because I just want to get us out of the negative situation. Parenting is not easy.

I would love to know how everyone else handles willful behavior when not at home.


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  1. It does sound like you are having exciting times. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this other job. Where do you live? Maybe I can help in the afternoons?

    I don’t know what to do about the nick nacks and stuff in other people’s homes and shops. Although we do give hidings it would only be for much more serious things than this… In the end I try to do most of my shopping in my lunch hours and we tend to invite people over to our place more than we actually go to them… I now have a couple of candle thingies on the dining room table and I’m trying to teach the boys that it is for looking only. Hopefully if they get the concept at home it will go better elsewhere…

  2. Bad behaviour in public? You know for the life of me I can’t think of what we do. I’m sure we’ve just picked up and left a few times. Ever try carrying a 34kg 4-year old while he’s having a tantrum, haha, it’s funny to watch I’m sure, not so fun to experience. I’m sure that I also use bribery to get things done peacefully. A little chocolate or ice-cream once we’re done.
    If work feels wrong and you have the chance to get out, then do so. Trust the gut.
    Yippee for hubby, how proud you must be.
    Tough one on the aftercare story. I know we have to race to fetch Liam before 5pm. I can only imagine in JHB where traffic is a bit more hectic.
    Good luck

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