Loves me, loves me not….?


Yesterday I was sad.  Honeybear wanted nothing to do with me.  He often has that.  I am not sure why he does it to me, because he never does it with his Papa.  Now I cannot dress him.

My saving grace is that I am still the one that can get him to eat dinner, and I am the one that he cuddles up to at night.  He walks up to my side of the bed to climb in, when he comes to us at night.  I can still make him laugh and giggle with nonsense rhymes, and he is still to do his rendition of twinkle twinkle little star for papa.

I wonder if it is not the long hours I spend at work now.  I use the train and I only get home by 18h30, which for me is very late.

The Gautrain people seem to be a culture of their own.  The peak hour people are very quiet.  Everyone has a phone or a tablet of some sort and they are all glued to it.  They have ear phones and need not talk to anyone.  The train is quiet.  People do not even know who is sitting next to them.

The afternoon peak time is slightly louder, but still, the majority of people are attached to a device.  Everyone is rushing and running all the time.  Get off the bus, run to the platform.  Get off the train, run off the platform.  Get into your car and try to race to the exit before the traffic jam begins (the station exits are horribly designed).

The off-peak people are happy, talking and never in a hurry to get anywhere.  Gautrain culture is odd.

We have been busy changing the taps in the house, and we did quite a bit of shopping around.  Now this is something I know about.  I am trained to know about taps and pipes, etc.  And you have to stand there and listen to a totally clueless sales person tell you something you know is wrong.  Or they only talk to your husband, because he is the man and he will understand.  My hubby knows I know more about this stuff and tries to get me in, I just walk off until we can shake the sales people.  You would think that the sales people would be better trained to know the product they are selling.  I wonder about the stuff they sell to people who do not know better.  Anyway, we have bought some pretty taps for the house, and today we get the kitchen ones.

We bought a sand box for Honeybear, he loves it, we hate it.  That play sand is so fine, it gets in everywhere.  Honeybear brings it in, drops spadesful on the carpet or table. It is driving me crazy, but what can you do, they are only young once.

Had a quick parent-teacher conference with the teacher today.  He seems to be a little barbarian, but she assures me he is a lovely little boy and he does nothing worse than any of the other kids.  She says they all fight and scratch.  I was beginning to think, against al my efforts, my son was turning into a hooligan.  He says please and thank you and excuse you and bless you, but he also scratches and kicks.

They have a school concert coming up and I am so excited to see my little one there.  Last year I cried.  I know, they did a little jangling bell act for 10 minutes, and I cried.

I am looking forward to the weekend.  Lol I am having tea with a friend  It sounds so proper to be having afternoon tea with someone.  I really need for Honeybear to get more used to other people.  I m so looking forward to seeing my parents in December too.  Last year was not good because Honeybear clung to me the whole time I was there, but this year he is used to my parents, so hopefully mama gets a well deserved break.  Honeybear gets spoilt by his grandparents and plays with his cousins.

Hubby’s parents are a lost cause and I do not know when they will see Honeybear again.  They still live in the middle of nowhere (making it difficult for us to visit), and they never visit us.  I have given up on them.  My parents too do not live near us, but they make an effort to come visit, and my sisters do too.  My in laws, are a lost cause, and I am tired of hearing about how they miss Honeybear.  It means nothing, they can come visit.

Anyway, back to work and a good restful weekend (I hope!).


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  1. Yeah, I still get that “nothing to do with mommy” stuff. Ag, don’t take it personally, they still need us and will for ages.
    You know, I can get the grootest K@K when I see people stuck to their phones or tablets. Perhaps coz I’m not that kind of techno type, but really, people don’t talk to each other anymore.
    I hear what you say about salesmen not knowing as much as they should. I know a little bit more about engines than the average woman, seeing that is what we do here at work, and it’s quite funny to hear a guy try to spin you some rubbish, haha.
    With you on the sandbox. We have one just outside the kitchen. It drives me up the wall, so I love it when the cover stays on.
    Apparently Liam’s class is practising for their Xmas concert. It will be our first so I’m likely to cry too. Isn’t that what moms do at those things?
    Have a lekker one

    • The Xmas concert is lovely. They did the nativity play last year, and it is amazing how the teachers managed to get the babies up to the 5 year olds into the nativity play with costumes.

  2. Hmm me being me I would also probably be stuck with my head a book or my phone.

    We also need to change our taps, they barely reach the sinks and bath, but taps are so expensive…so we are still looking around.

    Its so sucky when family cannot get together, specially where the little ones are involved…

    • I also just take it as an opportunity to read. Taps are expensive, but there are some sales going around and you can get decent fittings for a good price.

  3. Caleb goes through those phases too and it leaves Mommy devastated. It’s not nice but he’ll get over it 🙂

    Great update, I ride the train too and what you’ve described is exactly on par. And I must admit, I’m part of the afternoon crowd rushing to catch the train and then sitting with a device in my face. Lol not proud!

    Caleb loves his sandbox too, it’s a nightmare to clean up afterwards but shame he enjoys it so much.


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