Where are you?


It is so quiet here on the blogs.  Where are you all? 

 Honeybear: My gorgeous little monster is healthy and happy.  He still comes home with bruises and bite marks, but he is doing well. He is trying to talk more… and in the process getting more demanding about having his way.  Another milestone in my eyes…we have moved his car-seat to the back and it is forward facing.  This is still giving me heart palpitations, though Honeybear seems unaffected by the move.  I had to do it.  He is now beginning to reach for the door lock, and there is no child lock on my front doors, only the back ones.  Also, he is getting too tall to be rear-facing…his legs are beginning to get cramped.  It had to be done.

It is really weird for me not to be able to see him next to me.  We can’t talk in the car like we used to.  

Also, he can now help me pick up his toys and repack them.  Some good progress there. 

 Work:  Very busy and getting worse.  I am a little overwhelmed and irritated that I am expected to meet all the deadlines, and there is only one of me.  Yesterday my director comes to me and asks if I am done….I said I had not even started.  He was taken aback.  I said to him there is too much and I will do what I can.  He had to accept it and I left it at that.  Nothing has changed.  I still have all this stuff to do, and this morning I said to the one Director I am not working this weekend again to finish his stuff.  It is my wedding anniversary and we have plans.  I spent all last weekend working to finish the work, and not even a thank you.  We don’t get overtime pay, because we are in the salary group that is high enough to not need overtime pay.  What group is that….I certainly think I should at least get a thank you, and an acknowledgement of the time I sacrifice, that my whole family sacrificed so I could finish this stuff.  I think it is time to seriously consider my future career plans. 

 Hubby:  He is a darling and my rock.  He knows how to make me feel better.  I cannot imagine my life without him.  I would be a complete wreck.  Honeybear knows that Hubby is softer than I am.  He is working pretty hard too.  I think he deserves a god break this evening.  No one needs to cook as we have left overs.  Hubby has started walking to work on the days he starts later.  This really upsets me, because I drive.  Well I have to, 15kms is too far to walk, and I have to drop-off Honeybear too.  We need to save money, and Hubby’s work is within walking distance of home.  I know walking won’t kill him, and it is good exercise for him, and perfectly safe.  I know all this, it must be the privilege of always having a car to drive around (well we still have the cars but petrol costs too much to waste).

 I think that is it for me.


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  1. I’m still around…
    Sounds hectic at work, I’m really happy I’m in a position where I do one thing, and one thing only, and no one can tell me to do anything else… yeah, sounds lazy, but it feels great.
    Happy ani, incase I don’t chat to you again this week.
    It sounds like Honey bear is growing up so fast!
    Gonna do my own blog now…

  2. Here! Over here! Can you see me now? I hate the blogs being so quite, missing all my friends stuffers.
    I’ve got a mirror that clips onto the rearview mirror that can swivel and angle so you can see kidlet in the back. I’m sure you can get it at most baby shops, but I still end up turning around. Naughty me.
    Blegh about having to do other people’s work. Sorry, but I’ve worked here for 19 years and the first 15 I gave my company everything. Now my child and family come first. That’s it!
    I hear you about the petrol. I’ve got a diesel car so I get pretty good mileage but my heart aches when I fill the tank for R900. Yes, it’s a big tank, but R900 is a lot of money to part with.
    Have a lekker holiday tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear how your anniversay plans went. I was married 9 years last week, gosh, can’t believe it.

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