Hi Bloggies,

 I feel like I have been on a long holiday (and all it was, was a weekend). This was the working weekend for Hubby, so it was just Honeybear and I.  It was good. We stayed in (like we always do) and quietly spent time together.  Honeybear ate loads better and has been sleeping well. Who would have thought one little change would make him sleep through like that. 

He has a horrible cough! It does not appear during the day at all, but only around 23h00, when he has been sleeping for a while.  I am not sure what to so.  For now, we just sit through it and then it stops and he sleeps undisturbed for the rest of the night.  He does not cough during the day.

He is growing more teeth and has been a bit of a monster, but a cute one.  He is at the stage when he copies everything we do, so we have to be so careful of what we do in front of him.

He has been eating better this weekend (yippee!).  I have stopped forcing the milk on him and I just let him eat cheese, yoghurt, custard, that kind of thing so I know he is getting the dairy he needs.  Finally started giving him a little rooibos.  He also goes down for his day time nap without a bottle or any intervention form us.  We just lay him in his cot with his teddy and dummy and off he goes.  See we don’t have it all bad!

I am beginning to sleep better and now that Honeybear sleeps through in his own room most of the night, it is better.  I am just worried about winter.  What if Honeybear gets too cold? There is a heater in his room, but I still worry. I guess we will take it as it comes.

I have not breast fed for almost 7 months now…..I have milk again….is this supposed to happen.  Does anyone else have this?  I have been feeling the milk come in and sure enough, there it is, again.  First I thought it was me imagining things, until I saw the milk.  I am not sure if this is ok or not.  Anybody?


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  1. Liam has just recovered from croup, a barking seal like cough, that only makes it’s appearance at night. Got some meds from the doc and the cough has gone, but now the phlegm has to come up. Maybe it’s the same thing? Internet says they usually get over it on their own, it’s viral infection of the vocal cords, does his voice sound hoarse? Keep an eye on it, in bad cases their airways can get blocked. We’ve had a vapourizer with a bit of eucalyptus oil in running in his room for the last 2 days, the moist air helps. I’m also getting over it now.
    In winter I just make sure I have plenty of blankets on hand so that if Liam kicks off one I can just lay another over him. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Liam has a wall heater just above his bed, but sometimes we need to boost the heat with an oil heater. I would rather his room be warm than layer him with blankets.
    More milk? Golly gosh. Is it like a mind over matter thing? Like you aren’t giving Honeybear milk anymore so you think about it more and you body produces it? How strange is that.
    Thanks for the update, love hearing about you guys. Sounds like things are going so well.

  2. I asked my mom about the milk coming in again and she said that it may just be your hormones acting up. Glad to hear Honeybear is sleeping and eating so well!

  3. Glad HB is sleeping so much better! Getting more sleep just helps everything else feel better …

    My kids are bad with blankets and always kick them off … so I usually make sure they are dressed nice and snuggly in one piece pyjamas so there is no exposed tummys and feet. Even Munchkin wore them last winter and she was 3 and they work really well to keep them warm.

    The same thing happened to me with the milk story. 9 months after I stopped with Munchkin … there it was! I don’t think its anything to worry about, it will go away again.

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