I have mentioned in a previous post that I struggle with the feeling of envy (I guess that translates jealousy?).  Anyway, it has been getting loads better and it helps to see everything in perspective.

All those people that are prettier, and have more money, and have achieved more than me….I too have something that would make other people envious of me.

We have a lovely healthy child.

I have a husband that loves me and that I can love back.

We have a home that is our own (ok we are still paying for it, but it is not rented)

We can afford medical aid, car insurance and retirement plans.

We can afford to buy food and petrol (petrol is starting to worry me L)

We have a family that loves us and supports us.

We can afford to have friends over for a meal, and still afford to cater the whole meal.

We can have decent day-care for our child.

We can afford to have two cars.

We have jobs that have a long-term view.

We just about never have to buy clothes for our child because we get so many hand-me-downs.

We can have a holiday at the coast (because our family lives there)

We are healthy and happy.

We can now sleep through the night most nights.

 There is so much more to be thankful for. 

 Sometimes it helps to write these things down.


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  1. Lovely post. It is always so easy to compare our lives with the more fortunate and we forget about the less fortunate.

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