Another STTN post


I have written about this sleeping through the night (STTN) a few times.  When you are not getting a lot of sleep, it tends to be all you think about.  Like being on a strict diet.  I mentioned that hubby decided to try to reduce Honeybear’s milk slowly, but I could see where this was going after one night: nowhere.  Honeybear was furious at the watered milk, and after that would not even take a bottle of normal milk.  Hubby is far too soft.  So I decided to take matters into my hands….after reading lots more. 

I came to a realisation that Honeybear is not eating because he is too full with milk.  Then I read about excessive milk interfering with iron absorption and I thought I was going to go cold turkey.  It was all or nothing.


Friday Night:

19h00: Honeybear gets some milk from a cup, no bottle.  I had decided to break the sleep association with the bottle.

19h30: Bath, massage and then into bed, without the bottle.  Hubby and I sat with him and sang and softly talked until he fell asleep.  Normally we feed a bottle, take it away and leave him to sleep alone (if he has not already fallen asleep).  He was not a happy chappy.  It was ten minutes and he was asleep.  23h30: He awoke for his bottle.  No way.  I sat with him for an hour, after giving 70mls of milk. Then we let him come sleep with us and he fell asleep until about 5h00.  Not too bad.


Saturday Night:

Saturday night I made sure he drank up his milk during the day.  No bottles, only the cup and no milk for nap time.  Day time naps were easy.  That night I made him custard with a cup of milk and he ate that after dinner and drank a further half cup of milk.  No bottle.

19h30: Bath, massage and into bed with his teddy.  Again he was fussing and not happy and hubby and I sat with him until he fell asleep.  About twenty minutes.

And then he woke at 04h00 for the first time.  I brought him to our bed and offered milk in the cup.  Honeybear was completely disgusted.  He did not drink it and fell asleep shortly after. He slept until 06h15 (what joy to have a full night’s sleep after almost two years)


Sunday Night:

Sunday, again I made sure he took in enough milk during the day (again, no bottles) and again did the custard.

19h30: Bath, massage and into bed with teddy.  This time he just turned over and went to sleep.  No fuss.

12h30: We brought him to our bed.  He fell asleep after some unhappiness, but without any intervention from us. 

06h15: I wake him for school Monday morning.


Have we cracked it?


Monday Night:

19h00: Cup of milk and custard.

19h30:Bath and massage. He turned over and went to bed with his teddy.  No fuss.

03h00: Mama wakes and wonders if Honeybear is ok.  Is he breathing? Is my darling ok?

05h00: Mama wakes and wonders if Honeybear is ok.  Give up and decide to shower.  Wakes Papa and tells him to listen out for Honeybear. (Papa probably not impressed)

05h20: Mama gets out of bathroom and asks Papa where is Honeybear, because Papa is walking around alone.  Honeybear in bed still?!

06h10: Mama opens curtains in Honeybear’s room and starts singing to wake him


Have we cracked it? I am too afraid to hope.


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  1. Yay, sounds good. Like what we did, we never offered Liam anything during the night. After I had weaned him he had milk before bed and if he woke we sat with him until he slept again.
    Well done, and keep it up, don’t be tempted. Even now, at 3½ I don’t give Liam anything if he wakes, which thank goodness isn’t often.
    Hip Hip Hooray, so happy for you guys.

  2. Sweet! It sounds like you’re the one with the sleep issue, now! I hope this trend continues for Honeybear 🙂

  3. Sounds like you guys are doing something right! I hope it stays that way 🙂 Caleb doesn’t get his milk bottles during the day anymore at school but at night he still wants it, except last night. He’s teething again and was a generally unhappy chappy when it was sleep time. some prodol and panado later and he fell asleep without his bottle and didn’t wake during the night for milk or water. i woke up this morning feeling very disoriented and checking him to see if he’s still breathing and both bottles were still standing there on the nightstand, untouched. So i’m hopeful that we’ll get this weaning thing down without too many hassles, but no one is ever that lucky. His school principal told us to give him water during the night if he wakes, his bottle is basically like a midnight snack and he doesn’t need it. but i’m scared that because he eats very little at night (only prefers yogurt and a couple of bites from us when we eat).

    Well done on your progress so far, please excuse my book. I miss blogging!!!

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