Children are not naughty



I am actually happy to be back at work this morning.  It has been one of those really trying weekends. Honeybear was the most difficult child.  He would eat nothing but viennas, and he wanted to feed himself, which meant it was all over the floor.  We have mutant ants where we live.  Something falls on the floor and they are swarming in a matter of seconds.  This is no exaggeration, it is true.  Nothing can be left out.  They even come after just plain old water! I am at my wits end in trying to keep the ants out of our food. 

Honeybear does not help the situation by pouring milk and food all over the house.

We try to take the parenting approach of letting Honeybear do whatever he wants, unless it is dangerous or bad manners.  We want him to explore and grow up to be confident and intelligent.  However, sometimes it is very hard not to shout or reprimand.  Honeybear makes it all worse by crying in the most sorrowful manner when he is reprimanded, even if you are not shouting.

I am tired! Hubby is tired! Hubby has decided to try to reduce the night time feeds by 20mls a week in an effort to get him to stop drinking during the night.  I am not a supporter of this idea, as I still believe he will sleep through when he is ready.  However, hubby is tired, and I see that this idea is born out desperation.  At least it is gentle and should not elicit tears and unhappiness. 

Last night we finally saw what all the fuss was…..he is pushing through two molars.  This proves my point that babies just don’t do it to upset us, they have very good reasons for everything, it just takes time and patience to get through it all.

I am not the most patient mother, and I have to keep telling myself he is crying or whining or fussing for a good reason, I just do not know what it is.

The upside, is that I see Honeybear is drinking more water, he would not drink anything but milk.  We fill his straw cup with water, and he sips on it throughout the afternoon.  It is so hot, I am glad he is drinking. 

Some of the kids in his class are leaving because they are unhappy with the day-care.  I have been too, with the bruises (which has since been sorted out), the sleeping arrangements and losing stuff(which they eventually found). I have to say, every time something has bothered me, I have brought it to the attention of the principal, and it was sorted out immediately.  There are cameras in all the rooms.  This makes me feel better about anyone doing anything they are not supposed to be doing.  The teachers are well trained.  Honeybear seems to be happy there.  The tears are becoming less (and I noticed he cries only when left with someone he does not know well).  I think we will make an appointment and go look at this other day-care some are moving to.  I am not opposed to have the best care I can afford for my child, and actually do not think where we are at is bad.


A big first for me:  I sent my CV to another company.  I decided to just see….they might never call me.  I just want to see if anyone else will want to employ me.  Maybe they are willing to pay more, or not.


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  1. LM was also a bit niggly this weekend… thanx to the third tooth pushing through. I know it’s not the end.
    Yay on Honeybear drinking water, LM will only drink some water out of a glass, not her bottle, AT ALL!!
    Is Honeybear still crying when you drop him off? That doesn’t sound right…

  2. Haha, just posted about my ant problem too.
    Sometimes it seems that nothing we do pleases our children. Heck, sometimes Liam’s first words to me in the morning are “No mommy”. I’m not sure if what we did helped Liam to drop his night feeds, but I never had to get up to make a bottle for him in the night. Once he was weaned from the boob, just under 4 months old, if he stirred at night DH or I would pick him up and hold him in our arms until he fell asleep. He never cried or screamed, just niggled. Even if it meant that we sat on a chair in his room with him, he eventually fell asleep again. But Liam was already having formula and pappies by the time he was 4 months old and about 6 months was eating the same food as us, just mushed up. Different things work for different people. I’m glad I never had to do a night bottle though.
    I’m also glad that they have camera’s at Liam’s school. Do you know the reasons why the others are leaving?
    Good luck with the CV, you never know, they may just call you.

  3. Teething is terrible, BM is still busy with all molars and canines at the same time and is incredibly moany. He also cries when you reprimand him and it irritates me no end! Good on you for sending your CV out, what have you got to lose? Maybe you find a job with more money.

  4. Teething all around it seems … Sweetpea is also getting molars and was super niggly last week waking up 2 to 3 times a night for most of the week which was very very unusual. She seems to be back to her old self now, which means one wake-up per night.
    I didn’t wean Munchkin off her bottles intentionally, just let her be til she gave them up on her own. Sweetpea still drinks a bottle before bed and wakes up at 3 or 4am for another and goes back to sleep. My hubby also wants to wean her off but I still think its OK to just let her be til she’s ready to give them up …

    I am also not very patient and need to remind myself to stay calm when dealing with a whining and moaning child … not always easy …

    Well done on getting your CV out there 🙂 Hope something good comes of it!

  5. It’s great that the day care has cameras, but you’re right- they still have a responsibility to make sure the kids are looked after and happy. Hope you all get a good night’s sleep!

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