It has been another hectic busy day, trying to keep up with impossible deadlines. Why do we do this to ourselves, we ask? We do it for the money and the sense of achievement of the impossible. I think most people in that office must be adrenaline junkies because they seem to strive on the stress. It keeps them alive and you see a sparkle in the eyes looking out of that harried face.
We sound like a crazy lot, but you don’t get into this field of work without a genuine passion. You won’t survive it.
However, I am tired! Honeybear is in bed now, and we still have chores to finish up before we can get to bed too. That little one is busy. He is all over the place and goois a good tantrum when he feels like it, which is very often.
The weekend was relaxed and the coffee date with Caz and Marmalade was really good. Good long chat without the kids. I forget how little baby free and work free time one has anymore, but I would never give it up. I often wish for a halfday job with a good salary and I know it exists if I can get my own practice running. Then I am my own boss. Dreams that I know will come true.
Chores call on me. Sleep well.


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  1. The trick is to keep up the momentum, hey? I get so caught up in admin, that I forget to multitask. Clones- that’s what we need!

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