Cocktails and envy


I am going to try to blog from my phone again. The wordpress app does bad things to my phone, so I deleted it, twice.
The weekend was really good. Just what we all needed. Honeybear loved the picnic and hubby fell asleep on the blanket while I read. We actually need to do picnics more often because it was just the thing to relax us all.
Honeybear’s two bottom front teeth have pushed through, the two most crooked teeth you have ever seen. Like his ears, I think they are gorgeous, though I do worry about the dental fees of the future.
My work is still very busy and I want a break. I am also beginning to become gatvol about all the compulsory work functions I have to attend. They all mean late evenings and hubby has to take time off work to fetch Honeybear in time. I also have to get a few more appropriate clothes for these things. With what money? Anyone with advice on how to effectively network, because that is what they are all about.
I am not really interested in getting further in my current job because I know I have my own plans. I enjoy my work and it suits me well for now.
I don’t think I am coping too well with my bouts of envy. I hate feeling this way and I tell myself to stop but it comes up again. Any advice?
Bath time approaches, take care all!


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  1. Envy about what, my friend?? Just in general??

    I also battle with that on a daily basis, though I try my best not to, and it’s petty envy too. I don’t like feeling envious and I don’t like comparing myself to others… so I’m struggling to get rid of it, but I will prevail!

    Honeybear’s teeth will even out. Caleb’s were also very skew but the more they come out, the more they move into place! Those toothy grins are the best!

    Strongs with the work functions 😦

  2. Glad you had a good weekend, sometimes we just need to break away from the world to focus on what’s really important.

    I have made it clear from the start that I will not be attending any after work functions, compulsary or not, it is compulsary for me not to be there πŸ˜‰ I am not an outgoing person at all, so its absolute torture for me.

  3. i dont understand compulsory work functions – but in a large group of companies its nice to meet everyone you talk to on the phone! so ja.

    no advice, just hang in there.

    glad you had an awesome time – we all need to just chill for a moment or two! then we can appreciate the chaos that is our lives πŸ˜‰

  4. More toothies! Seems its teething season! πŸ™‚ They will come right- dont worry to much, these are the ‘temp’ teeth anyways!
    Reading?? Whats that? lol… there I;ve got something to envy you! I dont get time to read..*sigh* dont get me started on the picnic…
    I avoid work functions, Im the queen of excuses and yes I use my child shamelessly…

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