The weekend is here…..


I am so looking forward the weekend.  Hubby and I have no plans to do anything.  It is going to be great.  The three of us are going to just stay in, chill and re-connect.

Hubby and I had a huge fight on Wednesday…it was most unforgivable….Honeybear was with us.  Our fights do not get to shouting, but I am sure Honeybear could feel everything was not right. 

It got to the point I was so upset and I could see Hubby was as well….and neither of us knew what to do.  It is feeling of complete frustration.  I asked Hubby to please go away for a drive….he did not want to, so I said to him that Honeybear and I were going out for a drive.  I just felt that we all needed to get out of the situation and have a little time to think and get things back into perspective.  So off the two of us went…to the garage to get petrol in my car and then I went back home. Hubby had left too, he was just at the oval where we live.  I got Honeybear into bed and did some chores and then hubby came back in and we apologised to each other.  We tried talking about it, but we were getting nowhere so we decided to leave it alone.

Yesterday we spoke about things and that we just need time to be ourselves again.  We need to spend time together…proper time, not just when we are doing chores or sleeping.  Hubby does not get many weekends off, so this weekend is a treat.  We have decided that we shall hang out together at home, doing the things we each enjoy, in our house.  We also need to re-connect with ourselves individually, so we can be the people we are.   

We need to think of a way to problem solve without getting into fights with each other.  I know I am intolerant and fussy about things.  I need to learn to let things go and hubby needs to learn to remember better. 

We have dedicated a half day this weekend to a picnic in the estate we live in. We are lucky to have a decent park to go to in the estate.  We are going to pack our lunch and take Honeybear to play in the sandpit and grass and jungle gym.

On the Honeybear front: He has become clingy all over again.  At school they think he is ill because he wants to be carried all the time.  He cries and fusses and hangs onto legs.  It gets tiring, but he is a child.  He some molars that are beginning to poke through, so maybe it is that? Or something scared him and he wants to be held.  At least for the latter part of this week he did not scream when I dropped him off.  It breaks my heart every time. 

Last night he only woke once….I wonder if he can do it tonight too.  The only thing different was that I added half a teaspoon of honey to his bedtime milk.  He has a bit of a cough and I gave him the honey to relax the bronchi….it seems to have made him sleep better, I do remember that honey is a natural sedative, but I did not think it worked that well.

A work colleague announced her pregnancy and I find I am so pleased for her, as if this was my child.  I am already thinking of things to crochet and sew up for the little baby.  I hope she goes through it as effortlessly as I did.  I can only wish everyone has easy pregnancies like mine. 

I could go on writing gunk, but I do have work.  Have a great weekend all and just love each other with all of you.


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  1. Sometimes it’s just better to get away from it all, if only to go to the petrol station like you said. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in situations. I hope you have a fantastic weekend with the family, reconnecting, having a picnic. Sounds awesome.
    I also heard the honey was soothing, but never thought about putting it in milk. As a rule most people are wary of giving little ones honey, allergies and what not. But I would carry on giving it, if you think it works, just remember if he breaks out in something or seems a little strange, that it might be the honey. Not saying that it will mind you. Liam ate & drank all the things little ones shouldn’t and he’s just fine.
    I’ve had 3 days of perfect drop offs & pick ups at school. Wonderful. Always heartsore when they cry for you. He might well need extra consoling due to not feeling well while teething. But who asks anyway, we just give our kids what they need hey.
    Gosh, you and me both about wishing everyone an easy pregnancy. Mine was so relaxed, the birth also, and I feel so badly when I hear other peoples horror stories. We should all be the same.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your fight 😦 Though I think it’s normal for couples to fight and differ in opinion, getting into each other’s characters is not and so many people err horribly in that. I’m glad you two were able to resolve it (in this case leaving it alone means resolve 😉 )

    Shame poor Honeybear 😦 Teething is such an awful business! hope he feels better really soon!

    Enjoy your weekend, hope you and Hubby get to spend some great quality time together.

  3. Enjoy the weekend and the quality time together! BM is also very clingy when his teeth bother him so its probably that. I am so scared to give BM honey because of his allergies, would love to give him some for his chest. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight again!

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