While I am able to log in, I should do a post quick quick……

Honeybear is  growing in leaps and bounds, literally.  When I called the day-care principal to complain about the numerous injuries he comes home with, she said he was wild.  This is not something you say to a mother, that her child is wild.  Anyway, we sorted it out and we have since been injury free.  I do know my child climbs on everything, and he thinks the wall of the sand-pit is a diving ramp.  He pours sand into his hair because it must be the pool.  I know he climbs onto tables and anything and everything must be pushed, pulled, pressed and jumped on.  However, I also think this is normal for a child his age.  If you know he is “wild” then watch him better, or just tell me you are not equipped to take care of my darling.

Anyway, they are currently on probation in my eyes.

Hubby is working really hard, at trying to find a better position in his company, and things look promising, even though he is pessimistic.  We shall hold thumbs and hope for the best.  He is the best hubby ever, even when I am mean to him. 

The two of us are working at getting along better.  We do, most of the time.  I have to admit I am the intolerant one.  I want everything my way, which is not always possible.  I am working on being better at being me.  I really need to be sweeter to him, because he is the sweetest man ever.

I am working very hard too, and I am trying to get some private work going.  I think I want to be my own boss sometime and it is time to start working on that.  I am grown up now, and I want certain things and it is time to work harder towards those goals I have set for myself.  I know it will be a long process, but it is time to make a start. 

Anyway, I must go work hard now, have a great day!


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  1. haha at the creche! ja jong, i also get that when i fetch little M – ‘oe, HIERDIE mannetjie … ‘ followed by the silent shaking of the head. ja, it makes you feel like an unfit mother because you cant tame your wild one. tough sh!t, i say. let them run wild! 😀

    yay for you and hubby, it seems that with just a little bit more work things are going better. (speaking of me and hubby as well!) we really must try to remember sometimes that we are us, mothers and wives – in no particular order. ai.

    strongs with the jobs xxx

  2. Hi mama-cat,

    i totally agree on the wild child part. my little one is the same, but i gave them fair warning before she started that she is a wild one (for a girl) and that is absolutely fine.

    hope you have a happy day

  3. I think that’s normal for a kid, of any age. Liam’s school has a policy that parents must point out injuries received(?) at home and they will do the same for injuries at school. Actually amazing how few “injuries” Liam has now that he is at school. But shame, a little boy in his class has a broken arm after falling off a ladder, fortunately that happened at home, if you can say fortunately for a broken arm.
    It seems always easier to be hard on someone else, rather than change yourself. I also need to become a new me. DH is so very patient and helpful. Is there perhaps a fault in the design that is “woman”?

  4. Honeybear sounds like a normal healthy little boy to me … hardly WILD! Sheesh!

    SOunds like you have a plan to achieve your goals …well done and good luck!! 🙂

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