I have had no desire to blog, even though I had written many posts.
Honeybear is doing well and is turning into a beautiful child. The love I feel for him is so huge.
He is really attached to us and it worries me how he won’t go to anyone else. He loves other kids and I feel sad that we don’t visit more often with other children. I don’t plan on having more children so he won’t have a sibling to be with. With all the comments we get about only one child I can’t help thinking it is a mistake.
I am feeling fatter and fatter and I just can’t seem to get it right to fit some exercise time in to my day. I feel really overwhelmed by everything going on at work and home. Trying to keep the finances in check is a full time job, and it is getting better. I have managed to get some extra work which means even less time to myself. I really miss time to myself. I am alone only in the car between work and daycare. I sometimes wonder how my Mom managed with 4 kids.
I miss my parents enormously. I wish we could see them more often. We saw them in December and I loved it. Hopefully they will visit at Easter. Until we settle our finances we have to stay put.
Is it really still acceptable to have a bring and braai at your house once you are no longer a student? I was quite taken aback to be at one of these. If we invite you to our place for dinner we provide everything. I just expected the same when invited to a friend’s place, especially since it was a birthday party. I kinda expected that dinner would be provided.
Also since we have had them at our place twice before that and they did not even offer to bring anything. Maybe I am old fashioned.
I shall try to blog more often

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  1. We’re also getting a lot of comments and sometimes snide remarks about having a second child… but people don’t actually think further than their noses as to what the reasons are for why we’re not. Money counts… If you can’t even properly financially support your family, how will a second child help?? Those are just one of the reasons for me. I wish people would mind their own business in that regard.

    We’re so used to bring and braai’s that I’ve actually never thought about it. And you make a good point. But ja, we’re so used to the bring and braai culture… whenever we go to one, or have one, we provide or receive all the extras, like potato bake and salad and garlic bread. We just take our own meat and drinks, or ask people to. I guess it depends from person to person. Whatever blows your hair back, me thinks!

    Honeybear sounds adorable πŸ™‚ Growing up so fast!! He’ll get over his stranger anxiety πŸ™‚

  2. No one can guilt trip me into giving Liam a sibling. At the end of the day it is us, the parents, sitting with the worries of not having enough money to bring up another child. I simply say that we want to give Liam the best of everything in life and that includes our attention. Honeybear will be fine being an only child. He’s not the first and definately won’t be the last.
    As for the bring and braai, we always take something along even if we aren’t asked to. Sometimes we end up bringing it home, but I don’t like to feel that we didn’t even try to contribute. In this day and age it’s sometimes gets costly having folks round for a do.

  3. Sorry to hear about the lack of time to yourself, it can be so draining. With the financial times as they are, whenever we go to friends we do a bring and braai. We used to do all the catering but then some friends didn’t reciprocate or when they did they went on the cheap and there was hardly any food. When we do it the guest bring their drinks and meat and the host provides the rest like salads, etc.

    We are also thinking that BM will be an only child. I was an only child and didn’t turn out too badly πŸ™‚ Also only children are supposedly smarter than those with siblings. Can’t explain that though. I am sure Honeybear will start becoming more independant with time, I think he just misses you guys during the day when he is at school!

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