Disaster zone


It is only the beginning of December and the malls are already a disaster area. Now that we have to shop with a pram, I am very much aware of the lifts, ramps and I do not want people to get too close to the pram.
I was already in a bad mood and the full parking garage at Menlyn did not bode well.  We get our stuff together and get going.  We decide to go to Reggies first….the worst designed shop layout I have ever seen.  It has a congested entrance to start with. The shop staff and security standing in the entrance does not help you get through into the store.  I should have tuned back then, but we persevered.  The racks are so close together, you cannot push a pram through without your child being bumped. Yesterday there was more than one pram and a few people in the store.  You cannot walk in there.  The place has the feel of a dingy warren! The cashier counters are part of the ridiculous entrance.  It has no progression so you have to walk back the way you entered and try to fit yourself into the little alcove, with other people trying to queue as well and everyone on top of each other.  What a disaster of a store.  If it was not for their brand being around for so long, people would stop going in there.  The do not even make an effort with their shop window.  Really a bad show. 
We finally made it down to Game and this store does not seem to have any staff.  No one can help you with anything.  People only know one aisle and do not know anything about any other part of the store.  No one picks up! There is stuff lying all over the floors you cannot walk through without tripping on something, or having to kick something out the way to get your pram through!
The lifts….why do people who are only going one floor, without a trolley or pram or wheelchair or any other thing that requires the lift, use the lift!  Why?  There are queues of people waiting to use the lift with trolleys etc. and the lift is filled with people who don’t need it.
Then there are the people who stampede into the lift without waiting for you to get out yet.  Why?  Did they think I was going to quickly close the door before they could get in? There is a sensor people….it will pick you up and not close. The sensor is in the exterior architrave so it is actually better to wait outside.
Then there are the people that cannot be bothered to move into the lift so other people can get in.  I mean really?  Do you have to be so inconsiderate?
The shopping trip was a trial and I am not sure I have it in me to do one again until the shops calm down.  Maybe I have to work out the baby carrier so we do not have to use the pram. 
This was just Menlyn.  The Grove is currently an even bigger disaster zone because they have construction going on.  You have to bundu bash your way into the parking area and park about 2km from the entrance.  The covered parking gets filled and then is closed off. 
The shopping thing is not good for my state of mind and I was tired and frustrated by the time we reached home.  I definitely cannot do it without Hubby and I am going to vegetate all December.
On a pleasanter note: The MOB was lovely and it was a nice relaxed picnic.  It was great to see everyone again.  I think we have decided to not call it a MOB anymore because we know each other and anyone who wants to join the get togethers is free to come.  We can all have a kuier.


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  1. Soooooooooo hate shopping. Our Makro is packed already. It’s like someone has let the hooligans out and they’ve never been to the shops before. This weekend a new Fruit and Veg opened up in our area. It was packed to capacity with people, which made me wonder which shop is now empty that they are all here. Grrrrrrrrrr

  2. “Then there are the people who stampede into the lift without waiting for you to get out yet. Why? Did they think I was going to quickly close the door before they could get in?” this is the one thing i cannot stand!! and i am happy to hear that i am not alone.

    Your post had me rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL), as this is exactly why i loves shopping with Arizona as a baby when i could put her in a sling, but now i avoid all malls from 1 december and do all shopping online

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