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I had a whole other blog post, however, once again I did not remember to actually post it. OhWell!

I have a sister.  Ok I have more than one sister, but this one is three years younger than I am.  She married a month before I did and she had a son 9 months before I did.  She has been in and still is in an abusive marriage.  She is now a “born again” Christian.  I put that in inverted commas for a reason.  I am not sure she fully understands what it is all about. Neither do I, since I have never really looked into the whole thing, and currently have no desire to.

However, from my point of view I see a few things she is doing wrong, and being hypocritical about

She sends spam Christian stuff.  I really do not need to have about 10 of these emails a day.  I really do not even read them because they are so voluble and then I have no interest.  These are not my beliefs and I wish she would not send it, but I did not say anything.  I just lumped her emails in with spam and just delete it. Now that she has a BlackBerry too, she sends this stuff via bbm too.  I asked her very politely not to send this stuff to me.  She says she has to send it to me whether I like it or not. I left it at that and have decided maybe I am going to block her bbms. I find that having this spam on my phone is an invasion that I don’t feel with email on my pc.  I feel like she should respect the fact that I do not share her religion and I don’t want spam, even if I did.  I have nothing against Christianity, but I rebel against having this stuff shoved down my throat.

I know one of the beliefs is to spread the religion and the word, or however is the correct way to term it.  I don’t believe spamming people is the correct way.  Living your life in a manner that is respectful is going to have more of an effect on me.  Living your beliefs in a way that does not infringe on other people will get my attention.

Do not dump your son off on my mother every evening and weekend and go off to do your own thing and expect me to respect your lifestyle and your beliefs.

Do not stand there and swear and shout like an uncivilised human being and then expect me to believe that you are a born again Christian.

Do not gossip to me and then expect me then have this stuff shoved down my throat.

Do not insult me, and homosexuals and anyone else that does not share your beliefs and then expect me to listen to you.

I guess I am angry at the disrespect.  I am very sure there are other ways to spread the word of God without having to be disrespectful.  I do not happen to have any particular religious leaning, but I do not believe this makes me a bad person.  I try to live my life in a respectful way that does not hurt anyone else.  I do not feel the need to impose what I believe on anyone else.  I just want to be left alone.

I am not ignorant of Christianity and I do believe there is nothing wrong there, but I do not like the way some people, like my sister, practice that Christianity.

I am angry at the prejudice that is the Christianity of some people. 

They seem to have twisted the tenets of the faith and call it Christianity.  They want to believe they are pious and good, without actually doing anything to make that true.  They believe everything else is wrong and they are the only right one.  I do not want to be right, I just want be left alone to have my conversations with God in the way I see fit, without being judged as someone needing to be saved.


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  1. My sister is also one of those, also extremely two faced about it, remember when they wanted to sue me? Anyway, I’m a Christian too, but she recons her way is better than mine. I’m over arguing about it too, she must just carry on if that’s what’s best for her, and leave me out of it

  2. These type of ‘Christians’ give those that live their lives in God the right way a bad name. I know it sounds judgmental but that’s how I feel. Being a Christian means accepting God as your Saviour and serving Him in everything you do. Gossip is not something that a Christian is supposed to do, you’re supposed to only see the good in people and forgive the bad, but I suppose no matter which religion you’re into, gossip always happens. Same goes for other sins. Christians are not sinless and those that act like they are, are completely missing the point. No one can judge anyone else for the things they do, have done and will do, only God has that right.

    And i agree with you on the spam thing. I am a child of God (note – not Christian – I believe there’s a difference) and even i delete these spam emails. I don’t have to send on an email to prove that I love God. God knows my heart and He knows I serve Him.

    shoving your faith down someone’s throat is exactly the way NOT to spread the word. Evangilism is spreading the worf of God and leaving people to make the choice willingly to serve Him. Your sister is going about it the wrong way.

    • With her I want to argue back some stuff and I find it hard to make myself stop. I have to leave her to do as she sees fit.
      Tourmaline, why are your comments not coming through on my email?

      • I have no idea hey… since I’ve installed that Askismet thing to stop the trackbacks, I’ve barely gotten any notifications myself! will look into it!

  3. I’m so with you on this subject. I am a Christian but for me it is an extremely private matter and I don’t broadcast it to the rest of the world.

    Actions speak much louder than words and therefore I won’t forward any of theses messages. I will share a touching message or blog with a selected few but that is it.

  4. If we were so inclined you and I could start a religion based on mutual beliefs. I’m with you on the above. I’m not a fan of organised religion especially fanatical beliefs. I believe everyone has the right to choose their own path and that we should respect that it is an individual choice.

  5. I could’ve written this myself, except I don’t have a sister. I am of the same opinion and believe you don’t have to go to church, ram stuff down throats, etc to believe in any kind of God. Just live your life as a good person.

  6. People can be very 2 faced… I hate those emails you have to send it at least to XX people.. I mean really is your faith so shallow?
    Actions speaks louder than words, I stick with that. I also try and be a good person – sometimes its difficult doing the right thing. Like how you put it “your conversations with God the way you see fit”.

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