MOB and some other stuff (VERY uninspired title)


I wrote a whole blog yesterday……and then forgot to post it. 

So I shall update and post the whole thing today.

Ok first things first:  We managed the MOB and we managed to find each other.  Who attended? Tourmaline, Caz and Marmalade along with their little ones. 

It was nice to meet up and talk and see the person behind the blog. 

Sorry Helen, no pictures.  It did not cross my mind and I don’t think anyone else thought of it either. 

Tourmaline and Caleb:  Caleb is such a lovely little calm child. He has the most gorgeous hair, and eyes to go with it.  Tourmaline looks like her picture and to me she seemed quite the relaxed mother, though I think fierce about her little one too. Quieter than I thought she would be.

Caz and LM and Michael:  Michael I did not see much, he was probably disgusted that there were no kids his age, just babies.  LM is cute enough to eat, and I loved the little dress.  Caz is very funky looking with her hair (which she says she changes often).  I did not expect Caz to be talkative, but she is, and is easy to talk to.

Marmalade and BM: BM is a little sweetheart with pretty curls and a friendly open manner, very much like his mama.  Marmalade, like her blog name, is sweet.

So there is my MOB review, without revealing too much personal information, and it is subjective.  I liked the meet up and I think we should do more and hopefully we can get more bloggers in.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, it happens sometimes, that I can go a few days without too much and then I volunteer for something and then my own project takes off again and needs all my attention.  I managed to get it all done and I think it looks good. 

Had a chat with the boss at tea time and he actually does not seem to think I am a complete idiot.  He understands that I am working with a difficult contractor currently who will complain about anything and everything and he does see that the work is actually going fine.  HUGE sigh of relief. I am not about to be relegated to idiot status. 

Getting a new project, just before the end of the year.  I am looking forward to something new.  This just means that the beginning of next year is going to be very busy for me, but I like busy, I seem to work better and I get more efficient.

Honeybear is sleeping worse.  I am not sure whether to try and reduce his milk or make it more.  He drinks two 150ml bottles during the day.  I have made these two bottles cow’s milk since yesterday. At night he drinks another 300-400ml growing-up milk.  It is tough to try to stay awake while he is drinking the bottle and to be awake to make sure he does not choke and to take the bottle away when he is done.  It is 4 bottles at night which means 4 times that we must wake and sit up and pay attention. 

We have a system….one person goes for the bottle while the other keeps Honeybear happy and then we take turns with the feeding. All the water is ready and milk measured.  The other night hubby was so tired, he went to the kitchen to get the milk and then he comes back and gets into bed, without the bottle.  He forgot.  He did not know he was awake.  Poor man.

I am loving the warmer weather and I am looking forward to the holidays and spending some time with my baby.  Honeybear and I are doing a flying visit to Durban to see my parents, and then we are back in time to celebrate Christmas in Pretoria with Hubby.  I am going to start with the Christmas decorations tonight. I want to a whole bunch of origami that I am going to hang off the ceiling.  Hubby is going to sigh and then help me.

Year-end function this Saturday.  Why do we get invited to all these functions in JHB and we live in Pretoria and we are expected to go them and some of them do not invite partners?

Back to work for me, I have been invited to lunch by a work colleague so I better get to it if I am planning a longer lunch break (the bosses don’t know that yet J)


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  1. Thanks Mama-cat, I am blushing! Honey bear is a lovely little boy and very well behaved! Glad to hear you aren’t relegated to idiot status 🙂 I know that worry! Sorry to hear about Honeybear’s sleeping problems! I don’t know what to suggest but hope it gets better soon!

  2. It was great to meet you and Honeybear too! He has the most gorgeous smile and dark eyes, just love him to bits! 🙂 Thanks for putting together the MOB, hopefully next time we can see more people there 🙂

    Strongs with the new project! Know it will challenge you and release those creative juices 🙂

    Aaah ja we had that issue with year end functions being held in Jhb while we were in Pretoria… it sucked! i didn’t attend one before this year but now we’re here so it will be easier 🙂 Hope Hubby can go with you!

  3. Ag, very disappointed in the lack of photographers, but I know what T & Caleb and Caz, Michael & Lorna-Marie look like.
    Yes, I think T would defend anyone she loves to the death. She has offered to “hurt the ex” on numerous occasions. A great friend to have, and not just for that reason.
    Caz I’ve always imagined to be extremely bubbly, like her hair perhaps?
    Yay on not being an idiot. I sometimes also worry about my state of mind.
    Gosh on the waking up 4 times a night. That sounds a bit hectic. Oh, and to answer a question you asked on my blog, yes, I think 1 year is a bit too young to start potty training. Everywhere I’ve read “the sooner you try, the longer you’ll try” And I think the reason for our success with Liam is that he is old enough to communicate and old enough to understand. Yay, out with those nappies.
    Had to smile about hubby sighing and then helping you with the decorations. Almost like a “oh well, if we must”

  4. Thanx so much for arranging the MOB. It was a great outing. Yes my hair changes often, I’m contemplating going either red, or blond again. I just have to decide on one, then I’ll do it the same day. lol. Hope we can get together again soon.
    Shame, getting up 4 times a night! I’d never be able to cope.
    My boss is having our year end at his home which doubles as our office, so that’s awsome, and our families are all invited. I can’t wait.

  5. So impressed that you all met up! It can be scary to meet people from online in real life, but then, in my experience, you feel like old friends. Hope you all get to do it again.

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