Weekend blues


Great, looks like we are going to have a mini-MOB.  I look forward to the meeting and cannot wait to see those cute little babies we have heard so much about.
The weekend was weird for me.  I was just unhappy, about everything.  This morning I feel fine, but this weekend was low for me.  Hubby was a darling and tried his best to let me have some time to myself, which is what I was really craving.  I did not realise I just needed to be alone until Hubby took Honeybear out for a little bit.  Just being able to lie here on the couch staring at the ceiling, knowing no-one was going to need me for the next half hour really made me feel better.  A good cry, about nothing in particular also helped loads. 
I walked around looking like a bag-lady.  I could not tame my hair and just left it.  I dressed in old jeans and I refused to go out.  Who knows what goes on in woman’s head?  I certainly did not know. I just wanted to be alone and I almost did not come to work today.  I thought I might play hookey and have a day to myself while Honeybear is at day-care and Hubby at work.  However, I feel better today and work will at least get me to look decent.
I am hoping I don’t have any difficult meetings or emails or phone calls today.  I had enough last week and I do not want to deal with childish stuff again.  Grown men who can’t work things out for themselves.  It drives me insane sometimes.  Those same grown men think I am a poppie who knows nothing, until there is a problem, and then I must sort it out for them. 
Honeybear is growing into a lovely, toddler.  He can now wake and come to the lounge or kitchen on his own.  He does not wake and scream.  It works out much better to have the bed mattress on the floor and he can get on and off as he needs.    His teeth are two little white bits and they are the cutest little thing to this mama. 
He still has separation issues when one of us has to go out the door or when I leave him at the day-care.  He is in the school concert.  I did not expect to have him in a school concert so soon, but I am looking forward to seeing this. My first concert as a parent. I think all the parents are looking forward to it.  I am really curious as to what the babies are going to be doing.  They are practising every day. 
In two weeks Hubby and I are going to have our first evening out since Honeybear was born, alone, without Honeybear.  I am a little nervous and I am looking forward to it too.  We have arranged a babysitter and we just need to find out what time we will be done.  It is my office year-end do.  I just hope it goes fine for the little one.  Once back in February we left him for 5 hours with the baby-sitter and I did not enjoy a single moment of it. 
I guess I must go make a start on my day. 


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  1. Yay on the MOB, can’t wait for your feedback.
    Sometimes one just needs to be alone, like you said, without being needed by someone.
    Hehe, we had our first night, without L in June this year, just before his 3td birthday. I still feel bad when I go somewhere without him, but I need to get over it.
    Have a good day MC

  2. The babysitter is your friend! I hope that you both have an awesome time, and that it’s as much crazy fun as office parties can be.

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