Ok here is the options for the MOB.  Most people seem to be in Pretoria so we are going to stick with Pretoria.

 Venue options:

 Irene Dairy Farm.  I have not been there but I have heard some good things.  There is a coffee shop and restaurant or you can order a picnic basket for R85,00   and have a picnic on the grass.

 Jingle Jangle tea garden.  Again I have not been but Michelle recommends it and reading their website they look quite geared for kids.  There is no entrance fee and there seems to be a good kids play area attached to the restaurant.  It is located in Moreleta Park.

 Safari Garden Centre.  This one I go to very often.  There is a restaurant and a little mini zoo and jumping castle.  It is all set in the nursery.

 Fountains Valley Nature Reserve: There is an entrance fee per vehicle, the last time I was there it was R10,00.  It is a nice place to have a picnic. Everyone can carry a basket.  There is not much in the way of formal kid play area, but if your kids like running in the wild, this is a good place. 

 Ok gals, please vote on the options.  I suggest 10th or 11th November? So we don’t push it too far out and forget?

 Please reply so we can make a firm plan.


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  1. This is such a great idea, thanks so much for organising it! Luckily I am in Pretoria too. I like the idea of jingle jangle or the dairy farm. I have heard some bad things about people being mugged etc at fountains…. I have been to Safari and think that maybe the dairy farm and jingle jangle be nicer for the little ones to play, more grass and open areas. I can only do 11 November, we have a birthday party on the 10th of November.

  2. Morning! Hope you’re doing well!

    Unfortunately I can’t make it for that weekend as it’s my hubby’s birthday and I’ve got a house full of people that weekend – and the weekend of the 24th is Kayla’s birthday! Busy busy! Any other weekend maybe? (I prefer a Saturday to a Sunday) xx

  3. I’d say Safari, although I have another suggestion to make. The Botanical Gardens in Cusonia Drive just outside Silverton. Think it’s R 24.00 per person and children under twelve are free. There’s lots of trees and waterfalls and a restaurant and clean bathrooms.

    Just a suggestion.

    The ddates are fine for me.

  4. Blegh, at least PE has the beach I suppose. I wish DH approved of my blogging then perhaps I could arrange one with us PE Mums. I think there’s all of 4 of us on here. Please takes pics so we can scope you all out, hehe

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