Thursday Waffle


Hi guys,  ok, let’s do a Gauteng JHB/PTA MOB.  We currently have interest from Tourmaline, Shaz, Caz and Michelle.  Anyone else?  I am trying to think of a child friendly environment and also some place that is easy for everyone to get to.  I am not sure if you want to invite the kiddies or if you want to have just a girls get together?  However, an only ladies thing might become a baby-sitting issue.  Ladies please let me know and we can see what the feeling is.
Since it is summer I was thinking maybe an outdoor thing, so that the little ones  are not restricted.
The personal planner is not coming along too badly so far.  Ok, I have only worked out and designed the page layouts and they look pretty good so far.  I have had fun playing with fancy fonts.  It is going to be totally curly whirly girly and feminine.  Now to design the actual cover bit.  I have some great looking bits of leather and I am thinking about applique or embroidery.  I am not sure if I want to include a pouch for my Blackberry too.  I shall have to think about this a little.  I keep some appointments and lists on my Blackberry and some exist in my notebook and some on Outlook.  I should really start to synchronise this stuff.  I just like having paper to write onto.  I like doodling and I like being able to stick it into my handbag.  The size of this little planner is very important. 
This reminds me of my handbag.  My handbag is so specific to my needs.  I gave up trying to find the bag I wanted in a store and sat down and sewed my own.  It has the perfect sections for all the things I need, and rings to hook keys onto.  It can be worn on the shoulder or across my chest, depending on where I am.  I fit many, many many things into it.  I love it.  It is starting to show a little wear 2 years down the line, but I love the design and I will definitely make another like it.  This time using leather.  The first time I was afraid to waste the leather because I was not sure if it was going to be fine. 
I have offered to design Hubby a planner too, if he wants.  He starts the year with a diary and then stops because it is not working.  Now he has a little notebook, which I can see is not working either.  Hmmm….maybe I can go into business designing and creating personal, one of a kind planners.  Lol….I have not even finished my own and I have already jumped fifty steps ahead.
Work is not going too bad today.  I have a mini-research project going now, for the presentation that needs to happen sometime before the end of November.  The subject is huge and I am trying to compress and present it to people who have no background.  It can get technical and I want to avoid that.  The current literature is aimed at people with a prior background.  It is going to be slightly tough, but this is what I need now.
We have a work cocktail/presentation do tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it.  Even though it is for work, it is nice to get together outside the office.  Hubby will have to fetch Honeybear and they can have the evening together.  Hubby had the day off yesterday and he was very happy.  He said it was nice to have a day to himself and I should also have one.  However, it does not work for me.  I do not get weekdays off as normal days off. 
This weekend, while Hubby is at work, Honeybear and I are going to a birthday braai.  I really hope it goes fine. This will be the first time we are taking our mobile child to visit in someone else’s house.  The someone else does not have kids or pets and has one of those perfect magazine houses.  I really hope the weather is fine so we can just stay outside and therefore minimise the danger of destroying something.  I shall have to make sure I have enough to keep Honeybear occupied and stuff for him to snack on.  All the other guests that I know also do not have kids.  However, I am sure it will be ok.  I have only one child.  When I write this down, I feel sad for the these people who do not have kids.  They are not anti-children they just have the unfortunate experience of having a long TTC journey that is still continuing. 
As soon as I get home today I need to call my Mom….I miss her so much today.


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  1. Hi – glad you’re feeling a little bit better today!

    We’ll – I’m in Pta (Centurion) – there is a nice place in Moreletta Park (in the east) called Jingle Jangle – lots of space for the kids to play – don’t really know the places in Jhb sorry – not too sure where you were thinking of getting together – Pta or Jhb? But it will be very nice to meet you all!

    • Aha, there you are. I was trying to work out the best way to contact you. If you have experience in organising this kind of thing, your help will be appreciated. I think once we have settled on a venue and date we may like a bit more publicity?

  2. Please post some pics of your handy work when you are done. Glad you are organizing a MOB. When I lived in Jozi for a little while we went to. Really cool place half way, I think, between PTA and JHB called Irene dairy farm. That’s a child friendly option too

  3. I’m in Pretoria, seems most of us are. Safari on Lynwood road is also a great place for kiddies. Or even Zita park in Garsfontein, but that’s more for older kiddies, it’s got a shallow pool, and then it has swings and see-saw’s and things. Please keep me posted. would love to be there.

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