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I have lost my desire to blog it seems. I am not sure why. Maybe everything in my life does not currently seem noteworthy or that if I blog about stuff I lose my anonymity. Is it really important to remain anonymous? I’m not so sure.
I have been thinking about the blogs and how much I miss the sense of community and reading about what is going on in everyone’s life. I almost feel I know you because I read and feel a connection. We all seem to have the same concerns and it is wonderful how a few reassuring comments from other bloggers makes one feel better after your little one fell off the bed.
I’ve been thinking if any bloggers would be interested in getting together. I think it is called a MOB.

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  1. I also go through phases like that. Robinson is a whiz at making badges for MOB’s. just mail her the details and she’ll send you a widget to post on your blog.

  2. I’d definitely be there if you ever put together an MOB. And we are still very interested in your life and will certainly miss you should you stop blogging. Don’t leave please!

  3. Yeah, there was a time when I didn’t feel that blogging was necessary. It lasted about 2 weeks and then I just missed reading about everyone. And the support you get without being judged. And the advise, cheerful banter. I’ve made some good friends I contact outside of blogland (tx Tourmaline & Nats) and it’s good to know you aren’t the only one out there.

  4. I often struggle to blog. I think finding that line between what I can say in public and what is private is hard. So I think that’s where anonymity comes in handy because you can spill your fears/worries/somewhat private concerns and get feedback from others who are going through the same thing.

    – Zayaan

    • I sometimes wonder if it’s fair to my child to blog his life. His is another human after all. I try to keep it about my experience. You are right about anonymity

  5. Sometimes I can say things here, that I cant tell people around me (in ‘real life).
    Just wish I had more time to do so – have lots I would like to share!
    A Mob would be great! 🙂 I’d come if its in the Jnb/Pta region! 🙂

  6. Blogging energy can come and go, but it would be awesome to keep everyone here. We’re happy to pitch in and invite everyone to a blogger meet-up, if you you like, as Parent24. I know some bloggers value anonymity, and some are spread out across the country, too, but from our side, we could organise something in Cape Town. Hope you get your blogging mojo back soon 🙂

    • Thanks. This is brilliant. I’m thinking Gauteng region because that is where I am and the three others interested also seem to be here.

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