I have absolutely no concentration for my work.  I don’t know what is with me.  I just cannot seem to get into my work and get it done.  The stuff I have to do is so easy and I could finish quite quickly, if only I could just out my mind to it and finish it.  Boredom? Maybe.  I really don’t know.  Hence I am currently typing a blog. 
Honeybear is giving me mini-heart attacks.  He is wanting to climb anything and everything.  He cannot even walk steadily yet, but he wants to climb everything.  I am beginning to worry and I have visions of rushing to the trauma and emergency because he is injured.  Hubby says he will be fine and I must stop worrying, but I cannot.  It keeps me up at night.
He is eating like a champ now and I am so glad.  He is still having loads of milk and I still do not know if reducing it is a good thing. He still refuses water and only has a little rooibos if he is very thirsty.  Is there a thing such as too much milk?  Honeybear still drinks a bottle every three hours.  He is one, is this supposed to stop? He drinks 800ml in a 24 hour period.  The lack of any other liquid and the hot weather must mean he needs more liquid, surely?
Hubby, as much as he complains about his work, is doing really well.  He is performing great and even if his direct manager won’t acknowledge it, the higher ups in the ranks have come and told him how pleased they are.  So at least some are noticing. 
I really am beginning to wonder how to get some exercise into my day.  Lunch time does not seem an option because I can’t be in the office all stinky and sweaty.  The other options are before work and after work.  Hubby leaves home at 5h45 so we have to have everything ready by then so he can pack it into the car.  We wake at 4h45.  Before work would mean waking at 3h45 to get a decent workout.  After work we arrive home at 17h15.  There is enough time to play with Honeybear and make dinner.  We all eat at 18h00.  Then it is a playtime until 19h00.  Honeybear has a bath and is in bed by 19h45.  Then it is time to clean up the house and do laundry and all that other stuff.  Where do I fit in dedicated exercise?
I would love to know how everyone else is doing it.


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  1. Exercise? What’s that? I used to leave work early to go to the gym, but that has fallen away and it shows.
    Liam had his last milk bottle at around 18 months but that’s because we thought it was making him gain too much weight. Not so, he’s just a big boy. He doesn’t drink much in a day now really. Rooibos, juice and water and it depends on how hot it is.

  2. I’ve also started wondering on how to cut down milk feeds and feeling kind of unwilling. Caleb drinks water but prefers milk and he doesn’t like tea at all. I haven’t really tried diluted juice as of yet becuase I’m paranoid about his teeth, but I know that somehow sometime we will have to introduce more alternative drinks.

    On the exercise front, that problem has been kind of solved for me by force. We walk up to the gautrain station in the afternoons and it’s literally UPHILL, about 1 km uphill. It’s steep and you have to rush to make your train. I don’t know whether I should complain or be happy!

    Glad that the big guns are noticing that Hubby is performing well!

  3. Excercise is a toughy. I try to do three sets of 15 crunches in the morning and sometimes I’ll do some pushups or squats. All in all not more than 15 minutes of excercise. I buy magazines like Women’s health that show some new and different excercises. Every little bit helps. But a month ago I was not even doing that; I saw an add for a new walk for life group that were starting in our area and in desperation I went, especially since they promised child care. Skattebol has made a point of being home on time to look after the kids since, but I have to admit, I feel guilty leaving them even just for a hour three times a week. But I can feel the difference in my patience and concentration levels. I think the kids get a better mommy for the time they give up. Still it is a difficult thing, I missed two walking sessions last week since Chip had an ear infection. For now I think it is more about doing what you can when you can.

    Spruit still drinks two bottles a day, one after getting up and one going to bed. He is two and a half, and I’m hoping that the milk at least makes up for his picky eating habbits. I give him Nido. We only stopped the afternoon bottle once he became two and on weekends I will give him a glass of milk in stead of the bottle.

  4. Someone gave me a dvd called YogaKids (for age 3 to 6). I am not sure how old Honeybear is but it might be an idea to do exercises with him. If he is still to young try dancing with him in your arms or doing leg lifts with him on your shins. I have tried out the Yogakids with my 3 year old, he is interested at first and then gets a bit bored and starts climbing all over me on the floor. I will persevere, I desperately need to exercise myself…I still look pregnant after my c-section 4 months ago. The dvd also teaches breathing exercises (the dvd says from “silly to calm”). If you can get your little one to concentrate enough it is a great way of spending time together and working out at the same time.

    • I the breathing for me is the most important part of the whole thing. It calms me down because I have to concentrate. My little one is 1 year old and I don’t think he is interested. Dancing is a great idea though. And now we are walking lots more.

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