I can blog on weekends now. This is really great. Hubby and Honeybear have both had a long afternoon nap. I watched the Bollywood movie. We all needed time to relax. Especially after all the housecleaning this morning.
Honeybear is now finishing his bottles so we will try to slowly increase the day bottles and make the night ones smaller. He has kept up the eating and I’m feeling less stressed. He is still very attached to me. We still have him in our bed for half the night. He will sleep in his own bed but something feels wrong about leaving a little body alone in his room.
Hubby feels the same. We are like having him with us. Today we were chatting about having more children. I don’t want more and I think Hubby feels the same. Maybe we’ll change our minds later.
This has been such a lovely day.

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  1. The Bollywood movie? Really? Shame man.
    We don’t want more children either. One is enough. Liam keeps us so busy, I can’t imagine having to split my already limited time with Liam. I don’t know how people do it. But you can focus all your energy on that “one little body”

  2. Caleb is still in our room as well and he’s almost 11 months old, I’m not in a hurry to move him out! glad you enjoyed the weekend!

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