Irritable, broke and toothless


I see what Helen means, many people have left and things are really quiet here.  I don’t have the patience to go work out something new now.  It has to be this place or no place.  Especially since my Blackberry and I worked out how to do mobile blogging.  I am not sure I could work out another platform now.
I do miss being able to go to Women24, etc and being able to comment.  Now I have to go out of Parent24 blogs to get to the other blogs.  Oh well. Life is what it is.
Today I reached my breaking point and shouted at someone.  He was very upset, but so was I.  I know he is now waiting to complaint o my boss.  He can go right ahead.  I should not have raised my voice like that, but I did not say anything I should not have.  We’ll see what happens.  I am not going to be the one to run to my boss.  As far as I am concerned, I am able to handle my own jobs without needing my boss to intervene. 
Honeybear is having another difficult stage.  He won’t eat or sleep.  I really pine for a full night’s sleep.  I really do.  Is he just difficult or are all children like this? I hear about how other people’s kids sleep and eat and are happy with strangers.  Not my child.
I am also annoyed with my in laws. I just feel like they could have at least apologised for never having come before.  And now they can afford to have a whole week holiday after leaving our place after 2 weeks.  It makes me so mad.  There was enough time or money to ever visit us, and now they can afford 3 weeks away from home and spending money.  Don’t tell me you don’t have money to visit and then you spend two weeks with me shopping. 
Hubby and are in a little financial pickle after having had to finance their trip to us and host them for 2 weeks.  We will be fine, but still, it is not nice.
I just wish people would leave me alone.  I am irritable and I do not want to deal with this stuff.  I just want to lie down and read and sleep. I want my baby to be healthy.  Yesterday I had a huge Mummy fail.  I was holding Honeybear, about to give him a taste of tea for the first time and he managed to leap from my arms and fall face forward.  A good thing I was sitting on a  low bench and he is old enough to put his hands out when he falls.  It was not too serious, but I wanted to die.  How could I do that?
Yesterday he drank loads of milk which is why we decided to try some tea.  He drank a little, but then was not interested.  It is strawberry rooibos, tastes quite good. He also ate his dinner 2 nights in a row.  All of it.  There were no tears or cajoling involved.  I am thinking about introducing a little more cow’s milk into his diet.  I think he is old enough.  We have only bought growing up milk, because he has been having weight gain issues.  It does not help that he does not eat.  I know some people say cut back on the milk and he will eat more.  It does not work.  He just starves himself and waits for the milk to arrive. 
Approaching 13 months and still no sign of teeth. 

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  1. Don’t fret about the eating thing. Zoe was such a bad eater between 1 year and 2 years that she didn’t gain any weight. We had to put her on Pediasure – horribly expensive and she was on that for more than year. She is now 5 and still not too interested in food but like my mom always say – no middle class child will ever starve to death.

  2. I’m also a die hard, it’s blog here or not at all. Just hoping that my “fans” check in every now and then.
    I also wonder why some kids seems so “difficult” for lack of a better word. Luckily for me, Liam eats anything, including veggies and sleeps like a baby, literally. I’ve never had any problems, not even when he is teething. And then I read on here about the difficulties some of us have with the little ones. Why can’t they all be the same, at least until a certain age. It all seems so unfair, but we will support you where we can. Good luck with this.
    Pfft on the in-laws, really off-peeing that.
    Don’t worry about that bloke at work, he was probably in the wrong and knows it so won’t go to the boss. Everyone loses their cool sometimes.
    Hugs Mama-cat

    • Thanks Helen. It might just end up being the two of us here. You certainly are lucky with Liam, or perhaps you are more tolerant and willing to roll with the punches

  3. Shame MC, we all have bad mommy moments but at least you didn’t drop him like I did with Caleb a couple of weeks back! I felt horrible, but accidents happen, don’t beat yourself up about it!
    Eventually we all reach our tether, MC… If your colleague wants to be petty and complain, let him. Hold your head up high and defend yourself, and good on you for sorting things out yourself!
    Strongs with your financial situation, I know what that feels like… not nice 😦

    Logs of huts!! I mean lots of hugs!! LOL 😀

  4. Yiiikes on the outlaws. Not nice, eh? I wouldn’t stress about the milk thing too much. we also tried growing up milk and Thomas hated it. A friend suggested Infacare and he loved it. Also not so expensive.

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