Poor little Honeybear vomited all over last night.  He was coughing and coughing and coughing and it eventually resulted in him throwing up.  He was in bed with us so there it was all over and my pillow and the poor baby.  He just continued to sleep.  The vomiting did not seem to affect his sleep.  We had to give him a bath and change all the bed linen just after midnight. Honeybear was not happy in the least.  All that cleaning up disturbed his sleep. 
I eventually gave him some cough syrup and he fell asleep shortly after having some milk.  I was so cranky.  I was worried about the vomit going into his ear.  Hubby was not fully awake, trying to help and I just snapped at him about helping me clean up Honeybear, instead of the bed.  Anyway while I was dressing Honeybear, Hubby sorted out our bed and then I gave Honeybear to him to feed while I went to change.  He did not cough after that, and this morning he is fine.  Children!
I have to be way careful with what I eat now.  I have always been especially with the pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Now that I have stopped breastfeeding I think I must watch those portion sizes.  I have been the same weight since the beginning of the year.  I stopped losing weight when I started work and I just stayed the same.  I do not want to get huge. 
Today I am wearing a normal bra for the first time since I was 3 months pregnant.  My breasts are not quite the size they used to be before the pregnancy, but a little larger does not bother me at all.
I feel free now that I no longer breastfeed.  I was able to have a normal cup of coffee on the weekend. I can eat shell fish if I want to (not that I like it in the first place). I have so far stuck with tea.  Tea has really grown on me and I am happy to drink tea instead of coffee. 
Work is in flux, maybe.  I am currently involved in trying to get things to change.  I am involved in the software management stuff and I have really been annoyed with where we are going, and I think it is time we sort it out.  Everyone won’t be happy, but that is the way it is.
Hubby is not so happy at work, and I don’t know how to help him.  He wanted this job and now that he has it, he does not want it.  I tried to help him before he took the job, but he did not really listen to me.  His Mom says he is depressed.  I don’t think so.  He still likes to do the work he does and she has a way of making people withdraw.  I have spoken to him about it, and he says he would prefer his old job (which he hated and had really long hours and pay sucked).  I think he has just forgotten his reasons for making the change. 
I can only say that him must keep his feelers out for another job. There are not many jobs floating around so he has t find something before he leaves this one. 
I am thinking about getting on a train to Durban in December.  The air tickets are expensive (our financial situation is no looking great) and the bus with a one year old does not look good.  New Mommy blogged about her train trip to PE and I had not realised how very popular the train is.  The train to PE is booked out a month in advance. I don’t know.   I would rather stay home, but I would also like to see my Mom.  I miss her so much.  She came for Honeybear’s birthday but it was so busy that weekend.  I feel like I saw her without the chance to talk.  My MIL would not give us a chance at all.  She is always in the conversation and you virtually have to chase her off to bed so you never have any private time.  Anyway, she is in her own home now and we have ours back. 
Time to end this blog.  I am loving blogging on my BlackBerry. The App works well and I can reply to comments now and it is great. 

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  1. SHame poor Honeybear 😦 I’m glad he’s better now!

    Hope Hubby gets the job thing sorted, it’s not fun being in a job you don’t want to be in!

    True about watching what you eat when you quit breastfeeding… the second I started eating bread again and drinking Coke, I picked up weight and I lost most of my baby weight substantially until then!

    Please let me know how to get the Blackberry app installed??

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