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The inlaws are away until tomorrow. It actually feels odd to have the house to ourselves.
I think I made my MIL cry this morning. It is not my intention to hurt her and I regret whatever it was that might have offended her. However, I don’t care if I offend because the wellbeing of my child comes first.
Honeybear is starting to take a few steps by himself now. His food intake still needs work but we’ll get it. He is still toothless. 1 year old and not a single tooth. I do worry and we will see the paediatrician shortly so we can check him out.
Finances in our house are strained. With the guests and doc visits things are adding up not so good. We have decided to reinstate the weekly budget that worked so well for us. Hubby and I are good most times. The cost of everything is more and it sucks. We just need to be vigilant.
Hope Honeybear sleeps late tomorrow.


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  1. Hey Dear,
    Don’t fret about Honeybear’s milestones until you’ve seen the paed and he/ she says it’s a problem. Different kids develop at different paces. As long as he’s happy all is good I believe.
    As for house guests, I can so relate. ANd the budget? I have my 15 year old’s friend who has been with us for a bit. But I tell you it has come to a point where even my son has had enough of him. He is totally untidy and my boy is finding it hard to deal with as they are sharing his room. Also, he has no consideration for others. There would be 4 slices of bread and instead of himasking my son if he wants 2 of them he will just consume all of it. I am having a talk with his mum this week. I am going for my Operation 01 October and my son will be staying with my mom, so he needs to make an arrangement for himself. There is no way I’m leaving him alone at my house. Big strong with mon in law

    Enjoy you day 😉

  2. I’m sure there isn’t anything to worry about regarding his teeth … can’t force them out … they will come! Sweetpea is a very slow teether as well … at 12 months her teeth were just just coming out … and she still only has 4 proper, and 2 “almost there” teeth!

    Munchkin was a bad eater too … and I don’t believe in force feeding so I just let her be and let her eat as much as she wanted to, not wanting to turn food or mealtimes into an issue for her. Now at 3 she is finally showing an increase in her appetite and actually asks for food when she’s hungry …

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