Rude me


So this Blackberry thing works! I can blog again. I spoke to my Mom who offered some support to deal with MIL.
I can’t take it and be quiet anymore. This morning I said I was too old to be told what to do and she can stop because I will do as I please.
I guess it might have been rude but I’ve had enough criticism on my lifestyle.
Honeybear is so cute now. He imitates us and loves the approval he gets. He also screams when he does not get his way. I also find the protest cute.
We are almost fully onto growing up milk. It has been so easy to wean him. I’m so thankful. We also started with more cow’s milk.
My FIL gave him peanut butter. Hubby and I were upset but luckily there wad no bad reaction.I’ve also tried whole egg and he was fine.
My Mom said not to worry about his weight because we were all small too.
I’m off to catch a nap while Honeybear is asleep and I have the house to myself.


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  1. Sometimes rudeness is the only way to get the message across! Good for you for doing so, if it affords you some peace of mind and house!

    Honeybear sounds adorable! Enjoy your nap!

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