Going crazy!


My MIL is driving me crazy! She has something to say about everything I do:
1. I talk too harshly to my child.
2. It is problem that I still breastfeed and Honeybear sleeps in our bed part of the night.
3. I need to give him something to climb onto.
4. He can’t build immunity because we sterilize his bottles and prepare his milk with boiled water.
5. It is a problem that we have prepared dinner every night and not just sandwiches
6. I’m not supposed to scold Honeybear for sticking his finger into his nose.
7. I’m feeding him too much milk and must force Honeybear to drink water.
8. She wants to change the nappy and uses sunscreen for bum cream.
9. She keeps leaving her sewing pins and scissors lying on the couch.
10. We don’t bath Honeybear right and she will bath him.

Those are just a few of the irritations. I hope I survive. As far as I am concerned they could not be bothered to visit for a year. So don’t come tell me what to do now.


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  1. Sjoe I don’t agree with some of those, I’d feel just the way you do!! How on earth can you use sunscreen for bum cream? We also still sterilize Caleb’s bottles and make them with cooled boiled water, there’s no way my baby is going to drink normal water and catch something, our water is practically undrinkable. And what is wrong with prepared dinner?? Does she want him to eat sandwiches??? SEriously?? And lastly, if someone left sowing pins and scissors in my baby’s reach, I’d tell her once that if she did it again, I’d stick them where the sun don’t shine. Hope she leaves soon!

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