blogging again


Hope this works. I had to stop blogging because the wordpress site downloads junk to my pc at work. Not good. Also it is very difficult to navigate the site now that the home tab is gone.
Now I finally gave in and have a Blackberry. Hopefully this will work and I can blog again.
Honeybear turned one and it was such fun. We had a braai and then cake and tea. The cake came out really well. We baked it and the little tarts and cupcakes.
The grandparents were all here for the weekend and that was a bit of a trial. We survived!
Honeybear has been ill and is now well. He had his shots yesterday.
My baby only picked up 200g between 9 and 12 months. I feel horrible.
I have stopped day breastfeeding and finally have him happily drinking growing up milk.
We still breastfeed most of the night. I’m trying to get him to eat a higher fat diet like avocado and nuts and milk stuff. I’m so stressed about this. What kind of mother does not feed her child right?
I need to speak to my sister about this but not a chance with house guests still.
Anyone with suggestions?


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  1. WordPress downloads “junk” to my work PC too, blegh to that
    Don’t worry about not feeding baby “right” Are you giving him some baby porridge? Some full cream yoghurt is also good for them, not only the fat but also helps with the tummy. I think you can basically feeding Honeybear anything now.

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