11 months


Honeybear is 11 months old today, and today he cried when I dropped him off at day-care. Not good.


He can walk along furniture like a champ, though he still prefers to crawl.

He likes to sleep cuddled against Mama.

He eats (though he is currently on a daytime hunger strike because his regular day-mother is ill, hence the crying this morning)

He has had nappy rash and after stressing for about 2 weeks we have sorted it out….I think it was actually a yeast infection because the yeast infection cream was the only thing that worked.

Breastfeeding is going really well still, however, we have introduced a bottle of formula about 2-3 times a week.  I am not sure how he is going to view the lack of boob soon.

He still has not taken to the sippy cup (loves it, to pour out the water and play with)

We all can have dinner as a family with success.

He eats some table food now (last night he had veggie stir-fry with us)

Still a toothless baby, can’t believe he has no teeth still.

He had his first play date type thing and it was mostly ok, but he did have moments when he just wanted Mama.

Papa and Honeybear are very cute together, though Papa still does not get sloppy kisses ( I don’t think Honeybear knows what to make of the rougher texture of Papa’s face)

He already has us twisted around his little finger.

He can wave good bye and clap his hands and imitate sounds.

He loves to make fake coughs when he hears me coughing.

He has had four haircuts in the past 11 months and is heading toward another one before his first birthday.

I still love those gorgeous baby feet.

I can hardly wait for warmer weather so we can spend more time outside.

The house is baby proof.


My baby is growing up.

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  1. Might be a bit of separation anxiety too, the crying when you dropped him off!

    LOL Caleb also likes to prompt us to cough so that he can cough, so cute!

    Also doesn’t like his sippy cup. Likes to have fun with it and he puts it in his mouth but it’s not like a bottle that leaks a bit of milk! He has to suck to get it out and he’s not figuring it out at all!

    Wow 4 haircuts?? He’s got a lot of hair! Haven’t cut Caleb’s at all, his hair is getting thicker slowly but surely! And red!! LOL so beautiful!

    • When the hair starts get tangles, I cut it. It is too difficult to comb baby hair. I think that once you start cutting it grows more, like finger nails. (I think, this might not be true). Caleb’s red hair sounds gorgeous. Red heads are always so much more fun than the rest of us.
      I know he has separation anxiety issues, but he has not cried before and it is the worst thing to have to leave when your baby needs you. We have one of those sippy cups with the leak proof valve thing in. They have to suck far too hard to get the liquid out so we bought another really cheap normal cup without the valve so it just controls the liquid without being leak proof or needing too much sucking. This creates a massive mess at dinner time, but I am hoping it will be for the greater good of having him learn to use a cup.

  2. Great update! 🙂

    I stressed alot about stopping the boob with my girls but they were both totally fine and hardly noticed, which of course mad me sad! But I was down to just one breastfeed a day when I stopped …

    The fake coughing and sneezing thing is just hilarious 🙂

    WOW on 4 haircuts!! Want to take Sweetpea for her first this weekend (but we did shave her head when she was 6 months) 🙂

    • Glad to hear that stopping breastfeeding is not he traumatic experience I have in my head. I do plan on dropping the feeding slowly (I have to in order not to have boob issues).
      My Mom did suggest we shave his head, but I could not bring myself to do it. All that soft baby hair…..it was too much. I cried the first time I cut his hair. I have all that hair in a little packet. You see the difference when it grows back. It never comes back with that first softness and Honeybear’s is actually growing in a lighter shade than the original hair.

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