Positivity for a change


A post about something other than night weaning:


So the plans for Honeybear’s birthday are underway.  It will be a small family affair with only the grandparents.  We booked the cake pan on Saturday.  I am going to get my 3-D cat cake (I know it is not my birthday).  There is no cat cake tin, but with a bit of tweaking the bear will become a cat.  We booked it a little early so we can do a trial run. Also, there is no way I am taking chances of not having the tin available the day we need it. 

I have found the correct size pudding bowls to bake the mini-cakes in.  There are only four so it will take a while to do.  Any one has any ideas to create round ball shaped mini-cakes? Not cake pops, but proper little cakes?

No balloons for decoration….Mama and papa have to make loads of kitty cats from paper which we will use in place of balloons.  The happy birthday sign….thinking of sewing it….still looking for other ideas right now.

There will be no other kids so no party pack stuff, but we do have gifts for the grandparents. The kids at day-care will get the mini-cakes.  Mama and papa will have to be sitting making the correct sized packaging (Don’t you just love origami!)

I am so looking forward to this birthday.  Even with the small family affair, I am still going to do the things I have been dreaming about.  Hubby wants to get Honeybear a sandpit for his birthday.  This little one loves sand and grass.  I think it is not a bad idea and he is old enough  to handle eating sand. It will be a trial keeping the house clean.

How do you guys do it? Keep the house looking neat and tidy once you have a baby?  There is just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.   Domestic help does not seem to be the solution.  We cannot seem to find anyone reliable to work for us.  I cannot work out what we are doing wrong.  I also do not have the patience to deal with someone in my space that does not listen to me (when you are supposed to listen to me in my house)…….hmmmm could this be the reason we cannot find someone?

This long weekend we had, we spent one day cleaning up.  It is so nice to come into a house that is sparkly clean.  Shiny taps and clean kitchen counters……

We try to keep it under control by cleaning a little every day, so things do not pile up, but it does get tiring when you are waking so many times a night, to stay up late just to clean. 

Honeybear has moved into our bed and this seems to have solved a few issues…I am not the walking dead the next day, Honeybear is happy because he gets cuddles all the time and is more willing to play by himself for longer periods of time.  The screaming night terrors seem to have disappeared after moving him in with us.  Papa is happy because he is more involved in the night wakings and can assist me.  Also, Papa has discovered the magic of cuddling with his son. Mama is happy because Papa can help and sometimes I can just turn over and go to sleep. Mama has learnt the art of popping out a booby and falling asleep. We are saving loads on electricity because we now don’t need to use a heater in Honeybear’s room.  Night time is no longer an issue.

And if anyone thought that moving a baby into your bed is a death knell to intimacy, you could not be more wrong. Here is why: Since we are not tired all the time, we are more likely to have energy for such things. Since we have the baby in bed, we actually make dates and hence things happen with much more regularity.  Surprising! Honeybear goes to sleep in his cot until the first night waking and then we have the bedroom to ourselves. If we need he will continue to sleep in his room until the second waking.  

We shall make a more concerted effort at night weaning once we have completley stopped breastfeeding and when Honeybear can understand a bit more.  For now this is working really well. 

One year…here we come!


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  1. Good luck with all the party prep! 🙂 Sounds like you have it all in control!

    PS. All our blogs seem to have lost their personalized looks 😦

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