Strike 2: Co-sleeping


Strike one was the bottle of formula which did not work.

 Honeybear now does not want to sleep when he wakes.  I think he wants to be constantly attached to the booby, which is new, because he has always been a quick drinker and detaches by himself.

I have had a cold since Thursday and lack of sleep is not helping in the least.

So I decided.  No talking to hubby or Honeybear or the cat, I just decided.  Honeybear will have his bedtime bottle and then nothing until  11pm.  Until then we will put him to sleep any other way, but no breastfeeding.  I am beginning to not like breastfeeding anymore because I have to be doing it in my sleep too now.

Honeybear has ended up in our bed because I just cannot walk to his room 8 times a night.  I cannot.  After walking slap bang into a closed door because I was so tired, I gave up and let hubby bring him to our bed.  I don’t really like it because a part of me tells me we are going to regret this, especially since he took so well to his own bed. 

What do we do?

We give a bottle of formula at about 7pm and put him to sleep (hubby does…I did bedtime for the last ten months, hubby’s turn).  Hubby struggles for about an hour and then he is asleep. (or both of them are asleep)

He wakes between9-9:30pm and wants booby.  I don’t give it to him.  I pick him up, hold him close and I rock him.  It takes another hour to get him to sleep, I just rock and rock and keep picking up the flung dummy and giving it to him in his hand (not the mouth, if he wants it he can decide)

He then sleeps until 11-11:30 pm and then I breastfeed him.  And I continue to breastfeed on demand until the morning. 

I am hoping that he will begin to sleep a 5 hour stretch.  He has done it a few times so I know he can, hence I chose the time he normally sleeps longest. 

He actually starts to feed less if we do this (have been at it since Thursday night).  He does not seem to be hungry (because I make sure he drinks loads during the day and eat higher fat food). 

The crying no ,longer elicits a stress reaction in my body.  I know I am not being mean to my child.  I am hold him and he knows both his parents are near.  Mama just cannot continue waking multiple times a night and still manage to function safely the next day. 

I will not feel guilty about this.  I will not. Co-sleeping does not always work in the wondrous way it is made out to be.  That everything will be ok and you can breastfeed in your sleep.  It does not work for our family.  Honeybear screams even if he has the booby available.  We have not worked out why this is, but I thing that is immaterial at this point.  Co-sleeping does not make life easier for us in anyway, it just means now that instead of at least one of us getting some sleep while the other tries to help Honeybear back to sleep in another room, now all three of us are wide-awake.  I know hubby still feels stress when the crying starts.  I hope he can get over that soon. 

 Onto other things: He loved the beetroot.  Ate it happily but it made a mess when it boiled over.  I still hate the stuff.  We pureed it with a potato and apple.  So he has that for tonight again and then maybe I shall try broccoli again. 

When did you five you little ones oranges?  I am afraid of nappy rash with the high acidity….is it true or hogwash.


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  1. Sjo MC, that sounds very very rough. I can imagine that this is all taking a horrendous strain on you and your body. Don’t feel guilty, Honeybear will fall into the routine soon enough and get used to it. In the meantime I pray for strength, patience and no tears for you and Hubby.

    I’ve given Caleb a slice of orange just so that he could taste it and there was no nappy rash, mind you it was just a slice. Try it and see what happens, start slowly with one slice!

    Lots of strongs!!

  2. Hope the new strategy works out. You’re very right in that what works for some families doesn’t for others … it’s all about finding what works best for you.

    Good luck and hope you get some rest and sleep soon!!!

    I gave Sweetpea a taste of oranges and naartjies and things (she was maybe 9 months), but not alot. Just a slice so she could taste. She LOVES naartjies now but I still limit how much she eats … chews it til all the juice is gone and then spits out the pulp … quite a messy affair 🙂

  3. Gosh, things sound a bit rough. Did you rule out teething? I remember you said he was pulling on his ears. Perhaps a little bit of Paed Neurofen in the bottle, read label for how much.
    You sound tired. Don’t feel guilty, I can imagine it must be rought
    L only had oranges after 1 year, yes, mainly for the acidity. I’m sure a little would be fine????

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