Nightweaning Journey


The nightweaning journey continues for us.  We decided we could not do it much longer and we bought a tin of formula.  Hubby was the one to give the bottle, because he does not accept bottles from me.  So after a bit of crying with me sitting outside the bedroom door, he drank half the bottle.  Ok good. It was not the answer, he woke about a half hour later and then drank the rest of the bottle.

1.5 hours later he was up crying again and again and another horrible night ensued.

Tuesday we tried formula again, and we made it to 2 hour intervals.  We tried to push another hour, but after one hour of continuous crying we gave up and just demand breastfed.  By then I figure my baby is sick because he has a runny nose, and maybe that is why he is also waking.  He also keeps grabbing the ears, so ear infection?  The doctor has checked his ears and nothing is wrong in there.

Last night we did formula again. And it lasted to a four hour interval, after that I demand breastfed again, but it was at 3 hour intervals.  And after the 4am feed, he was still fussing so I sent in hubby and I had a sleep for another hour.  When I went in to wake hubby, it was sweet to see Honeybear draped over Hubby’ chest and the two of them fast asleep.

It is very slowly working.  Very slowly, but it seems to be getting slowly better.  I know we do not have the ability to do cry it out methods, or managed crying (yes I know the terms now, because I have read everything looking for answers).

I have worked out that we shall continue demand feeding until we wean off breast completely, which is in less than 2 months.  I feel a year of breastfeeding is enough and I am looking forward to having my private space again.

Honeybear is far too attached to mama and now papa too.  He does not want anyone else, the only exception is the day mother. (I thank my stars that we have her).

An eye opener for us: Honeybear drinks 2 x 120ml bottles in daycare (breastmilk).  He takes a number of feeds to drink it all, he won’t drink one bottle in one session.

When we made the first formula bottle, we made 120ml, and he did not finish it.  Yesterday we increased it to 150ml.  And it takes about 45 minutes to get him to drink it, because he pushes it away.  He seems to be a grazer, and not a baby that eats in one sitting.

What made me think again was when I saw the 5 month old in his class…….drinks 3 x 200ml formula bottles in the day.  200ml? That is almost as much as Honeybear has the whole day.  So  it makes me think my child is really hungry when he wakes at night.  He gets his feedings in over a whole 24 hour period periodically.  Other babies manage to take their feeds in a more consolidated manner, and are able to sleep longer, because there is no need for them to wake in short bursts.  This is my reasoning.  This is why we have so many night wakings.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced this?  Am I totalling fooling myself, or could it be true? He really is hungry and he needs to eat, it is not just him looking for mama for comfort.  This why he does not accept hubby, because hubby cannot feed him.

I am very tired but I do have a few more nights in me before I break down again. 

Our current plan is to slowly increase the bedtime formula bottle (I know this goes against all sleep training).  This will maybe allow us to have a longer first session at least.  And after that will be demand breastfeeding.  When we completely wean off breastfeed, we can perhaps try bottle weaning.  We cannot do it all at once.


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  1. You have all my sympathy! sleep is so important to stay sane!
    Sounds like you have a little grazer on your hands. Could also be that he loves/is being comforted by the nearness of you and hubby.
    Wish I could give you advise, Jessica was the easiest ‘weaner’ ever! She did it at her own pace and was basicly sleeping thru since 4mnts… We did introduce formula from about 4wks on recommendation of the paed. Which formula are u using – maybe he doesnt like the taste? (not that I know if the diff brands taste different?)

    • We are using Nan. He seems to be ok with the taste, because he will take it from the cup (we are introducing a cup with dinner). We were determined to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months (paed advice, I guess they all are different hey?). Our doc literally cheers us along with the breastfeeding so in desperation we have decided to use some formula to see if it will keep him fuller. Ah well, we made it to the weekend.

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan to help your little one, good luck and hope you get some much needed rest soon xx

  3. Grabbing ears but nothing wrong with the ears? Could be teething which could then also explain the night wakings and need to be consoled
    Good luck, as they say, this too will end.

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