Be happy


You never know what is going on with other people.  I used to work with a lady.  I still see her here and there.  No kids.  Beautiful figure, healthy, very knowledgeable and seems to have loads of money to travel all over the place.  I must admit that I did feel twinges of jealousy every so often, however, she is good person so it is hard to feel jealous.  Also, she really works hard for the things she has.

Stringent eating plans and exercise regimes, work long hours and hard.

She always said how she never wanted to have kids.  She said she was not made to deal with screaming kids and she much referred her dogs.  Very well cared for dogs.

I happened to be chatting to a mutual acquaintance yesterday.  And she said the wonder woman, above, has struggled for years to have a child.  And I then thought to myself.  It is not she does not want them, she is probably tired of people asking and making stupid comments and offering unwanted advice.  So she goes around saying how she does not want kids in the first place.  She can have an excuse not to have to attend baby showers and sit around with other people’s screaming kids.

I don’t have the gorgeous figure or loads of money, but I almost effortlessly managed to have a beautiful little boy.  Be thankful for the things you have.


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  1. Indeed! Shame poor woman, I totally get her perspective. It must have hurt so much each time people ask that question that she’s decided to rather protect herself.

  2. So very true!

    People can be incredibly insensitive. Hubby’s cousin and his wife have been struggling for years and years and family members especially (old aunts) were so insensitive to it all, never occurred to them that it may be a sore topic so every family gathering they had to deal with the “why aren’t you having kids? when are you having kids? what’s wrong with you two??” kind of questions. After a while they also adopted the same attitude you describe … they started telling people they were happy as they were, didn’t want kids etc. etc. Meanwhile, only very few of us knew the truth and how much it was hurting them when people badgered them about having kids!

    PS. Story has a happy ending at least … they are pregnant now after many failed attempts and IVF etc. She is due next month 🙂

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