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Hubby has the power to upset me over the silliest thing.  I don’t know why and I do try to control my temper, but the smallest thing he does has the power to set me off.  And on the other side, he is calm and says nothing. He still gives me a hug and a kiss and leaves me chocolates in my handbag or car to say he loves me.  What is it with me?

This morning was the fact that he did not pack my breakfast properly.  I always eat at the office so I do not have to rush at home, and I can actually eat without Honeybear interrupting.  This morning, for whatever reason, half my breakfast made it to the lunch box.  I don’t know where the other half is. 

Last night he did not clean up the top of the bin. 

I mean really, these things are not the end of the world.  Breakfast is going to bother me because I am going to be hungry and I cannot go out to get something.  I need my breaks to express milk.  I can’t eat my lunch because I have soup for lunch, which is currently frozen still. 

I am sure I will survive. 

I really do try to control my temper, and I know these things are silly and stupid.  If I try to let it go, and let it go, it ends up coming out in one huge explosion, because I have been suppressing it.  How does hubby never get angry? It takes quite a bit to get him angry.  It looks like Honeybear, has inherited my impatience and quickness to get angry.  My one saving grace is that, I get over it just as quickly and then I can move on with my life. 

Any tips on how to be a better, less snappy woman? Do not say count to ten, that does not work in the least, even if I remember to do it.

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  1. I so hear you on this, I am also like that, well most of the time. Of late I have been a lot calmer than usual, don’t know what I did, but I’m getting better (touching wood as I’m saying this).

    Are you sure you are not maybe so snappy because of the tiredness? Or maybe a hormone imbalance? Or, it could be that your sugar levels drop and you just lose it. All these things are possible.

    Just know that you are not alone in this, sending you big hugs xx

  2. Every emotion is preceded by a thought. The way to manage your emotions is to become aware of which thought led to it. Then choose an alternative way of looking at the situation. Not easy to do in the moment, however, start by doing this after each reaction. Then find a new way of looking at the situation so that the next time you are in it you have another way to view it that has an outcome you want.

  3. I’m also like you, snap easily and get angry over the little things and of course my hubby is also like you, dont get angry easily and still says I love you. I think the reason I get angry over the ‘little’ things is that I make sure I do those little things for him and obviously expect the same from him. You know, taking note of how I like things cos I take note of how he likes things. And obviously these ‘little’ things escalate into bigger things. But at the end of the day, what does it all matter hey? lol, we keep on getting angry over the same thing. Men are just men and women-women.

    • It is the little things. This morning’s half breakfast was because he can never remember the way I like things.

  4. I am also the impatient and quick-to-anger one in our house … and sometimes I annoy myself cos even though I know I’m being unreasonable I can’t seem to stop myself! Sigh ….

    I think Cams advice is great … think I should try it too!

  5. Actually make things worse when hubby stays calm and we are fuming. I think it’s the same for most people
    PS, I think you may want to edit you blog, because “count to ten” came out with not such a nice word in it, haha

  6. Lolzzzz… My hubby is bipolar, so….no packed lunch, no chocolates, rarely any kisses and when i do get his attention, it’s not the kind I am wanting….

    I would say ( most insensitively I might add) that you a
    Have a blessing there in that man..

    Count to 100 if you have to, eat every half hour, do the exercise Cams suggested, but be greatful for the man you have.

    I love mine, but it’s hard…

    Sorry of this sounds like a vent 🙂

    • I am very thankful for the man I have. Don’t apologise for your comment, it gives me perspective on the things I have to be thankful for.

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