Sleep on my mind


Yippee! Honeybear is looking loads better already.  He is eating again and the congested nose is much clearer.  He is still coughing.  My dramatic little one.  He will cough, and then squeeze it for everything it is worth.  He makes sounds to draw out the cough and sticks his tongue out.  I think he has worked out that he is given attention every time he coughs so he looks for the attention now. 

I can see Hubby getting reluctant about putting Honeybear back into his own room.  I know exactly what he is feeling, because I too want him to stay in our bed.  From my point of view, it is way easier to breastfeed.  I can just feed him and fall asleep without having to go to another room and then drag myself back to my own bed. 

Honeybear is with us.  I sometimes feel selfish having Hubby to cuddle with and Honeybear is all alone. 

Having Honeybear in our room is saving loads on electricity because we don’t need to turn on the heater because he is in our bed.  Our room is way warmer, and we never use a heater. 

I know I don’t like co-sleeping, but this time it seems to be working better.  There is something comforting about having your baby near you.  About having his little body against yours.  It is sweet when he reaches out for you at night. The way he searches for mummy and daddy. The ease with which he falls asleep.  The multiple wakings don’t bother me as much. 

Hubby is so pro co-sleeping now because he has been reading “ Night-time Parenting” by William Sears.  Dr Sears is very pro co-sleeping and attachment parenting. 

He also explains how co-sleeping is not the end of a marriage and the intimacy between couples, but the way in which to strengthen that bond and the different ways to get around baby in bed.

I am not totally convinced.  I am going to stop breastfeeding in two months and baby in bed is not going to help that.  Honeybear is going to want to breastfeed and will not accept no. 

I have been sharing my body with Honeybear since we became pregnant last January and I feel like shower time and sleep time should be mine.  The times I am allowed to have to myself. 

Very selfish.

I will see how this works out.  I don’t feel too strongly one way or the other.  Night weaning took a back seat when Honeybear became sick, so we are back at square one.

Do I have the strength to do this from the start again?


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  1. I’m okay with having L in the bed with me when he is sick, but he is just too big now and makes things uncomfortable for everyone. I also feel guilty about him sleeping on his own, but I think it needs to be done. Every night is different, sometimes he sleeps on his own until the morning and sometimes he wakes up and calls for me. I don’t offer him milk or anything so we are way past night wakings for milk and such. Ag, but you know what, whatever works for the family is the right way to go. We are all different and do things that work for us.

  2. Bella only recently moved into her own bed which we put into our room. Reasoning the same for warmth etc and she often climbs into bed when she’s not well. I didnt mind except for the fact that she is really tall and often ended up lying horizontally. I would say do what you feel is best for you and your family. The author is right in that you do find ways around having baby in the bed with you but you need to stick to whatever you are comfortable with. 🙂

  3. Not selfish … all about what works best for you and your family 🙂

    Munchkin slept in our room and then in our bed til she was about 18 months old … then we moved her (mostly because we had to get her use to her room before SWeetpea arrived) … she transitioned perfectly with no issues.
    Sweetpea is still in our room in her cot but we bring her into our bed around 1am every night … we are ok with it cos this way everyone gets to sleep 🙂 And yes you find new and interesting ways to make room for and time for intimacy 🙂 If co-sleeping meant the end of intimacy I would not be pregnant with my 3rd baby now …LOL 😀

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