Sick babies


My little Honeybear is not feeling so well. We did go visit the doctor, for what it was worth. He just said to watch him and if he has trouble breathing to bring him back. Honeybear is very congested. We invested in a nebuliser and have been using that with just plain saline. Also, we have been using breast milk in his nose. I know that breast milk in the nose sounds crazy, but it does work and the doctor said it was good for their noses. The nebuliser does seem to be working a little. I wanted to cry when I dropped him off at the day-care, but I have to come here and finish up on my deadlines. He was happy enough to be left there and there were only four of them today. (out of eleven kids). They were going to send the one baby home. I feel for the Mom because I know she must have left him there because she has to work, but on the other hand, he is probably contagious. The doctor says that they probably all have this RS Virus now, because it is so highly contagious, and that is probably what is making Honeybear all congested. However, Honeybear’s lungs are still fine for now. I’m doing this backwards here: One of the kids has RS virus and then six of them were hospitalised. We had Honeybear checked by the doctor to make sure he was fine, which he is. Maybe the breastfeeding is helping? Anyway, we are trying to do the nebulising thing, and hopefully he will be fine. Apparently this RS virus is all over the place. It congests them so bad, they have trouble breathing. They are hospitalised to administer oxygen and to nebulise. The doctor said one can only treat the symptoms because there is no cure for a virus, Honeybear needs to build his own antibodies (which hopefully the breastfeeding is helping with). He is has been sleeping in our bed since Saturday (at hubby’s suggestion). We are worried about this breathing thing, and if we would know he is having trouble breathing in another room. I love the King size bed! We all fit comfortably. It is horrible when your baby is sick. They are so little. Honeybear just wants to be carried the whole time. He spent all of yesterday asleep on my chest, or Hubby’s. We took turns. Anyway, I am almost finished with my last task so see you lot tomorrow.


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  1. I’m terrified of the RS Virus, because I’d have no idea how to handle Caleb being in hospital. Just the thought of his little body with drips and masks and heaven knows what else… and he’s got such a nasty cough. It just started suddenly last week but he doesn’t have a fever and doesn’t have trouble breathing. Lots of strongs for Honeybear, I hope he gets better really soon! And yes, breastmilk is awesome for a little blocked nose!!

    • We did end up buying a nebuliser and the Pulmicort prescribed by the doctor. It was a just in case prescription, but we were not comfortable giving steroids to Honeybear just yet. So I used the nebuliser with the saline water and it is working really well. His nose is clearing up and he is coughing up the gunk. The saline is really cheap (and apparently you can make your own). Also, the steamy bathroom works well too.

  2. Ag shame man, sorry to hear Honeybear isn’t well. I really hope he gets better soon. I am so scared when L goes to school next year. Being with the IL’s during the day he hasn’t really been exposed to all these creche bugs. He also sleeps in our bed when he is ill but we only have a queen and L is a big kid so only 2 of us fit in the bed. Thank goodness for spare rooms hey.
    Hope to hear he is fighting fit soon, keep us posted.
    Big hugs

    • I am sure L will be fine. He will be past the 2 year mark and better able to handle the bugs. Creche’s are not as bad as we all think (says me whose baby is sick from a crèche bug!)
      Honeybear is doing better and the saline nebulising seems to be working well.

  3. I also believed in breastmilk in the nose, it really did help. Hope Honeybear feels much better really soon! Big hugs, I know it isn’t nice when our little ones are sick

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