I have not done these before, and because I feel so annoyed at a bunch of things, it is time to put it all into perspective:


  •  I have way too much going on at work and I am getting cranky with one particular project. It is getting me so down.
  • Hubby’s parents are probably not going to come to Honeybear’s birthday ( I should have known something like this would happen)
  • Honeybear is a bit sick, with red spots on his torso


  • I am managing to keep on top of my work.
  • It is the weekend
  • I have a beautiful family


  • Planning Honeybear’s birthday party two months away
  •  My parents are going to visit for his first birthday
  • My birthday is just over two weeks away

I feel better!


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  1. Shame MC, don’t put so much energy into the in-laws not coming. If they don’t want to come, then they shouldn’t, they’d probably ruin it anyway. Sorry not trying to be nasty but from what I could gather, they haven’t shown any interest in Honeybear since birth (is that correct??) No point in forcing them or getting unhappy about their lack of interest 😦 What matters is that the rest of your family who do make an effort can attend and do care. The in-laws can never blame you for them not knowing their grandson, it’s all on them.

    On the other hand I know how it hurts and frustrates a person if family members can be so blase about a little baby that’s innocent. Bah humbug!

    Have fun with the party planning, I’m also starting to look for ideas now 🙂 Caleb’s birthday is 4 months away but I’m sniffing around so long.

    Good luck with work, the project will soon be over and everything will (hopefully) calm down!

  2. The great thing about DUF’s is that we get to gain a little perspective and see that despite the downs we have good things in our lives too. Glad writing them down helped.

  3. Damn the IL’s! Maybe its better if they don’t come, if they want to miss out on the important times let them. I know its easier said than done though.

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