Honeybear only woke once, the entire night.  I feel like I won the lottery.  This does not mean I slept well.  I still woke about every hour or two, wondering if he was ok, if the monitor is working.  I totally wasted the hours I could have been asleep.  I wonder if he will do it again tonight?

 I have made a note of all the conditions I possibly could and see if I can replicate it tonight:

  • I dressed him in bottoms without socks, so his feet were open.
  • He did not really have too much dinner.
  • I breastfed in two sessions before he fell asleep
  • He had a late afternoon nap (from which he was very crabby, hence the lack of dinner)
  • I fed from the same breast to give him more hindmilk, plus I expressed late afternoon to create more hindmilk.

 I hope this is the turning point. 

I shall let you know tomorrow how it went. 

 XXXXXX fingers crossed XXXXXXX


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  1. Hope it was a start to many mor restful sleeps…I remember those nights of me waking up & being concerned y BebeLuv slept thru lol

  2. Fingers crossed. Funny though, I’ve noticed doing the same thing doesn’t necessarily mean having the same night, but I religiously stick to the same bathtime/bedtime routing. On Monday L woke up just after 12.30am, stick him in our bed off to sleep. Last night he slept in his own bed from 9pm till 6am. Who knows

  3. LOL! I remember the first night Minki slept straight through from 22h30 till 07h00 – I nearly hurt myself jumping out of bed when I woke up, saw it is light outside and she was still fast asleep. I was convinced someone kidnapped her during the night. 🙂

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