Baby things


When you are pregnant and shopping for the baby there are so many different types of everything available, and you can’t work out what some of these things do, or that someone even made such a thing. I decided to write about the few things that we have found useful and worked for us:

• The sleeping sacks. These are really great so that the baby never kicks off the blankets. We were given a small one for winter and then I used it as a pattern to make a light cotton one for summer. I also made a thicker padded one for this winter. They are great in that you zip the baby in, and he cannot kick off the blankets or pull it over his face.

 • E-heater. This is good for winter. It is safe, works well, does not dry out the air and is wall mounted. It has been a life saver for the cold winter nights.

• Travel suits. These are brilliant for the cold mornings. It is like this large insulated baby grow with a hood. What is nice about this is that you zip baby into it in the house and carry him to the car and strap him into the car-seat without ever removing the cover. With a blanket, there is a point in time you must remove the blanket to secure baby into the car seat.

• Teething rings, biltong, teething biscuits. These are a life saver for the teething baby, and if you just want to occupy baby in a restaurant, etc. I recommend the biltong for out, less crumbs.

• Changing mat. I am talking about the one with the raised sides. I love it. • Small wooden painted mobile. This is so cute. It is small and short enough that I could hang it over the changing mat. Makes changing nappies and clothes a lot easier while baby is occupied.

• Fischer-Price feeding chair. This one is really great. It is fully plastic so it is easy to clean. It has three height adjustments and you can eventually take away the back and straps for an older child that just needs a booster seat. The great thing is that it straps onto any standard dining room chair that has a backrest. It does not take up any extra space. And you can take it out with you and strap it to most restaurant chairs. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

• Towelling cloth nappies. We were given a set of four. These work great as face towels, privacy cover for breastfeeding, blankey, softie. Very versatile things. You can dress them up with edgings, embroidery or motifs.

• Stick blender. This is brilliant once baby starts to eat solids. We had one before the baby and loved it, now it is indispensable.

• Microwave sterilising bags. These are so handy. They are cheap. You can keep one in your nappy bag. It can sterilise small items in a microwave quickly. Love it. I use these for my breast pump at work every day.

• Bottle handles. Honeybear can hold the bottle and feed himself.

Those are things off the top of my head. Things that did not work:

• Baby bath. It killed me with the Caesar cut so I just raised baby on a stool in the big bath and use a bucket and jug.

• Baby booties. Oh so cute, but difficult to get on.

• Bibs. I don’t get this. Baby just tries to get it into his mouth while you are feeding him.

• Infant carrier/car seat. It sounded like a brilliant idea and was sort of good. But it was too heavy for me to carry around the baby in the carrier.

• Baby carrier (the one you strap onto yourself). It worked well for me when he was new-born, after that he was too heavy and carrying the baby strapped to you does not work on hot days, and it also causes blocked ducts (for breastfeeding Mom’s)

Some things work for some and just don’t work for others. It is because we are all so different. I would be interested to hear what your best baby items are.


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  1. I absolutely love the strap on baby carrier as I used to do grocery shopping in it and he would sleep. By 6 months he was too heavy though. I also had a babysense sling which BM hated so that was a waste.

    • I also bought it because it was easier to shop, but I found that he got so hot against me. I used a wrap carrier when he was tiny to walk around at home and eat.
      You live and you learn.

  2. L lived in bibs from around 5 months. Unless you want to change tops every hour, bibs are a life-saving for a mum of a teething, drooling baby.
    Had a baby carrier, never used it.
    Wall panel heater – A definate must for a winter baby, still use it.
    Had stacks of towelling nappies, like you said, very multi-purpose and not for using as nappies.
    I didn’t get the whole nappie disposal bin

    • See, my litte one still has no teeth (1 week short of 10 months). Maybe this is why the bibs have not featured yet.
      I also did not understand the nappy disposal. We use a noraml closed bin and it gets emptied out everyday, or more often if the nappy has been particularly bad.

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