Boobylicious night weaning


We have started night weaning.  I am still assailed with doubts about whether this is the right thing to do, but we have started.  It is time.  What brought this on?

 Thursday afternoon I was beginning to feel nauseous and just generally unwell.  I left the office a little early, fetched Honeybear and we both fell asleep after his feeding.  Thursday night I was still feeling bad and Friday morning there was no way I could get out of bed and get to work.  I dragged myself around and got Honeybear to daycare and then got home and crashed.  I slept until four in the afternoon.  I just slept and slept.  I think it all finally caught up until my body said no more.  I fetched Honeybear after 4pm and then we had a relaxed afternoon and weekend and this morning I feel better.  Hubby and I decided this can go on no more and maybe some gentle nudging might help Honeybear sleep without waking 4-5 times for a feed. 

 Saturday night we had a bottle of warm water ready.  Hubby got things a little mixed up and decided the first feeding was the one to go.  So there ensued 45 minutes of unhappiness.  I stayed in our bedroom, not wanting to interfere with Hubby’s  parenting plan.  Anyway they both got to sleep and we all slept until 2am. 

Last night I suggested I be the one to try.  Honeybear actually did sleep better and only woke at 2am for his second feed.  I went in, put him back where he should be sleeping, stroked his head and gave him the bottle of water.  He surprising took it and drank a bit and then he wanted to play.  I took away the bottle and put up the cot-side and sat there next to the cot for about 5 minutes.  I then left the room, he was watching me and I went to bed.  Honeybear fell asleep.  No crying, no unhappiness.  He slept until 4h30 this morning.  I breastfed him and he went back to sleep. 

Maybe this whole thing could work without heartache?  I think there might be hope.  I have been the one against night weaning, because I cannot stand the tears and I just give in.  However, I think my little one is “boobylicious” as the clinic sister put it.  She says he will have a preference for the breast until we wean (she suggest 2 years or at least 18 months).  I think I am at the end of my breastfeeding journey.  We have started the night weaning and this will eventually lead to weaning off breast completely. 

 We decided on the gentle approach with one feed at a time and to see what happens.  If it is not working we stop and start again.  He is 9.5 months now and I think it is probably a good time to begin the weaning process. 

 My sister suggested we replace the bedtime feed with formula, but it feels a little wrong to me.  I think giving bottles of milk is not going to help the situation, when I actually want him to not wake for milk in the first place.  She says it will take longer to digest, but I have thrown out the idea that a full tummy means less waking.  Honeybear eats properly now so I do not think it will help.  Proper food is not making him sleep. 

 I almost forget: My little bear cub is walking along the furniture! He started doing it Sunday.  My little baby boy is going to be a little walking toddler soon.

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  1. Sounds good to me, love your approach to it. Awe walking babies is just so cute, the way they toddle all over the place. Hugs to you and honeybear xx

  2. I took about 3 weeks to wean L completely. He was having about 6-8 feeds a day and I dropped the day ones first. Drop one, feed one, drop the next, feed the next. But I was replacing the boob with formula. I actually think I just got my timing perfect because once he was fully weaned he never wanted a night feed again, slept through from 4 months. Good luck, you’ve done a great job

    • Thanks for the advice Helen and the vote of confidence. The day feeds are not too bad because he already has bottles since I have been back at work. The nights are killing me. You have no idea how jealous I am about Liam sleeping through from that young.

  3. i found it easier for someone else to give the bottle as when baba smells our breast they want boobylicious 🙂

    • I know that he can smell me. He calms dow the instant I come in the door, even before he sees me. We shall persevere.

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